Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes 2: I Didn’t Go Pee

I tend to gauge a movie’s quality by how often I have to go. Often a good movie can’t keep me in my seat. It takes an exceptional movie. I can count two movies that have met this high standard: Two Towers and the re-release of Star Wars when I was in college (more for the nostalgia than the quality of the new scenes). For this movie, I’m not saying I didn’t have to go but I didn’t get up to go.

Sherlock Holmes did not disappoint. The fabulous setting, luscious period costumes, and engaging music drew me right into the scenes. The action-packed opening grabbed my attention and held it tightly until the end. I sat glued to my seat for fear of missing something. The movie creates the impression that every second is crucial to the story line. It oozes great lines and small details that may or may not play a part later in the story, you won’t know until the end of the show. I ignored my bladder for at least the last hour of the movie. The audience must pay attention and I didn’t want to cause anyone else to miss even one little detail.

On a side note, I digress to say I love Robert Downey Jr. I cheer for him and his success. I enjoyed his characters in Iron Man, Ally McBeal, and his excellent portrayal of Charlie Chaplin. It appears that he finally got his life straightened out and can travel the road of success for the fabulous actor he is.

For fans of Sir Conan Doyle, you won’t be disappointed. A reliable source assured me that the movie does follow Doyle’s works (don’t want to spill any secrets for those who haven’t read the works), though the books are not as sensationalized. I am in the process of reading them for myself.

When you go see Sherlock Holmes 2: Game of Shadows, enjoy your popcorn and buy the smaller soda. Your bladder will thank you.

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I watched the first one only out of an appalled desire to see how someone could take Sherlock Holmes and turn him into an action hero and every time I see a preview for this one, I want to dig up Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and apologize to his corpse.

I expect to see Poirot parachuting over the Alps to drop explosives on the Orient Express next. Ugh.

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed by it. I know RDJ’s Holmes is a little more rough and tumble than some of the others, but there wasn’t as much deducing/noticing things that are not obvious as I like in my Holmes until right up at the end. It was enjoyable as a movie, but for much of it you didn’t even need it to be “Sherlock Holmes,” just any old detective would do. (Needless to say the chess game without the board part was my favorite!)

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