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Persephone Lounge is Open for the Holiday Weekend

Happy Thursday, Persephoneers! We here at the (imaginary) Persephone offices are taking off for the holiday weekend, but we’ll have some fun stuff to keep you entertained until we return next week.

In the meantime, whether you celebrate the Major Holiday coming up this weekend or not, please pop into this open thread and tell us what you’re up to. Extra credit for truly hilarious or awful family stories. Remember: your fellow Persephoneers don’t judge your lifestyle, they don’t criticize your outfit, they don’t ask about your dating, marital, reproductive, or food choices, and they will find humor in all of your horrifying family tales of woe, even if you can’t just yet.

So come on in, escape your family (or the crushing boredom of having nothing to do because you don’t celebrate the holiday and the entire world has shut down) and tell us what’s up.

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I just had a lovely (annual) Christmas hangout with my two best friends from highschool and our significant others. The highlight of the evening was watching a recording of the highschool quiz show we were on (Smartask on the CBC for my fellow Canucks). It was both painfully embarrassing and really fun to laugh and reminisce about those times.

I got some pretty boss gifts. Mixing bowls, some Patron, a bunch of blankets for my dog…  The best, though?

My grandma’s mink coat.

After she passed away, I guess someone else had it for a while before finding out that there’s significant damage to the interior of the coat.  They aren’t going to wear it. Since I’m a seamstress, they gave it to me, in case I wanted to make something else out of it. I took a look at it, and it won’t be that difficult to restore. Will probably just need to take the lining out, reinforce all the seams, and sew a new lining in. Probably will have to do it by hand, since I’m not sure how my machine handles fur. Even though I can’t see myself wearing a mink coat more than once a year for special occasions… worth it!

Umm… airline vouchers so I can visit my boyfriend, and a gift voucher for a verrrry posh underwear shop – that one was from my aunt, with the words “You’re the only one of us who got a bosom, so you might as well make the most of it” …!

My list this year was really short, so I got some unexpectedly awesome stuff- a book of knitting projects, an absolutely gorgeous clear glass reindeer ornament and this super-soft plum HBC sweater from my boyf’s parents that I swear I’m never going to take off. It’s like wearing a tiny furry animal that loves me very much, all over my upper body.

It’s gonna be a pretty low-key Christmas over in Elephant land. I did find out the (to me) terribly exciting news that they’re taking one of the medications out of my chemotherapy treatment that has been causing me 2-4 days of excruciating jaw pain each round so that’s my holiday wish. I want Tuesday to come with no pain. Any presents I get on Sunday and the prime rib dinner will be a bonus. I already spent my birthday in the hospital earlier this month for the same side effect so getting Christmas ‘off’ is a hugh relief. I don’t think we’ll be able to stop the drug completely but a break is going to be verrrrry nice! Merry Christmas, happy holidays and I hope everyone has a fantastic (and pain-free!) weekend and next week. :)

Today, I get to drive 2 hours with my dog.

Usually, that’s not too bad, but… she ate an entire platter of cookies earlier (called the vet, they said since it’s probably been too long, they can’t do anything… just skip dinner tonight and her stomach is going to be off.) She managed to get on the dining room table.

… will be bringing vom-cleaning supplies in the car just in case.

I am about to put on new, gorgeous, ill-advised shoes (hello my pretties) and go to a tea party with my friends some of whom don’t live here anymore but are back for Christmas. YAY.

But also thinking about my boyfriend’s nonagenarian grandmother who is currently having her fourth blood transfusion and possibly preparing for surgery tomorrow :(  She is an absolute sweetheart and I’m hoping things go ok for her over the next few days.

It’s Christmas Eve Eve Day! Yaaaay! First holiday party tonight at my neighbours’ traditional open house, there will be three cute kids available to pester, and then I’m volunteering 8pm-midnight tonight at the crisis hotline.

Anyone else finishing up last minute gifts? I have 20 more rows to knit on my sister’s scarf, and need to get my mom to help me cast off. Then I can embroider her initials on it. I also have to wrap up all my gifts and create my mother’s- she wants her iPod reloaded with new music (I loaded it originally a few years ago).

It’s also my birthday on Monday!

It will never bore me to open PM and click on all the articles I want to read and let them open in new tabs and just see the welvaart (wth is the English word?) of having so many cool articles to read.

On Christmas: meh. There will be gifts and I hope nice ones (spoiled brat, I’m just very picky).

I’m off to my second-to-last retail hell day of the season. I know I’m cursing myself, but it hasn’t been TOO awful. Just a lot of long hours, a bunch of men saying sexist shit, and a few people crabby because they couldn’t pay with someone else’s credit card. I can’t wait for Sunday. I’m going to sleep ALL day.

I am actually having a surprisingly good visit so far. The first 24 hours are always good, though. We will see how tomorrow goes. But I have plans to go to B&N and my favorite restaurant with my parents for lunch, so tomorrow is looking good so far! Food and books, what more could a P’Neer want?

1) Traveling is exhausting.

2) My parents’ internet is awful.

3) I just asked my kid where the dog was, because I knew she would go off in search of him and stop climbing on me for a few minutes.  This is a justifiable parenting technique, because it helps her to work on her detective and veterinarian skills.

4) Traveling is exhausting.

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