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Recap, Bones, Episode 7.04, “The Twist in the Twister”

Okay, kids, either this episode was complete and utter fluff or that glass of wine I had while I was watching it hit me really hard. This’ll be a detail light week, but I’ll try to make up for it in snark.

A new camp counselor is being shown around the archery range. I have two questions about this: 1) Didn’t we have the same set up last week? 2) What time of year is it? Why is she starting in the fall? This makes no sense. Anyway. New Girl doesn’t really have experiences with camps because she was terrified by Friday the 13th when she was young. You and me, both, sister, especially because the camp owned by our county was actually called Camp Crystal Lake. No joke. Anyway, she’s older and more sensible now and knows that people don’t get murdered at camps. Except, you know, that body she stumbles over with perfect timing. Didn’t we also have another stumble reveal this season already? Come on, writers, we’re five episodes in. You can’t be repeating already.

In the Brennan-Booth baby plot this week, Booth is going into hyper-overprotective mode, trying to keep Brennan out of the field, telling her she can’t eat a Cup o’ Noodle because she’ll swell (oh, Booth, watch out there, boy), and lying to her about heading into tornado country. That last one backfires, since she tracks him down (seriously, Booth, she works in the best forensic lab in the world; did you think that one through?) and shows up in the middle of a very large tornado.

The Montenegro-Hodgins family gets a subplot this week, too. Michael isn’t sleeping and Angela and Hodgins aren’t doing too well with it (especially Angela, who’s sans caffeine so that she doesn’t make the kid even less sleepy). Angela’s dad shows up, and Angela and Hodgins are hesitant to let him spend QT with his grandson, knowing that Rocker Gramps will just amp the baby up more.

Oh, hey, there was a dead body this week, too, wasn’t there? It’s okay, Brennan and Angela both kind of forget that, too, at various points of this episode. The Body of the Week is that of Scott Braley, Storm Chaser, who got caught up in a tornado and dumped at the camp. While it looks like, maybe, just maybe, this might not be a murder, some blunt force trauma marks to the head definitely happened pre-mortem (and pre-tornado). Brennan is super excited because she’s never had a tornado case before, and the challenge of meteorological events coinciding with an investigation is fun for her. The rundown of the suspects:

– Scott’s brother, who bankrolled Scott’s failing career, including a $100K Mini MoHo weather lab on wheels and had a life insurance policy out on Scott.

-Nolan, Scott’s driver, who was found in the vehicle, getting some Storm Groupie action, and who hadn’t been paid in months.

-Toni Lawrence, a rival storm chaser, who saw Scott as small beans, but was arrested for sugaring his gas tank a year ago.

– Wes, Toni’s camera guy, who’d tried to work with Scott, but never got a call in from him. He even missed the storm that killed Scott because he was waiting for a call. Recently broken up with Misty, a film-runner.

Angela and Hodgins eventually leave Michael with Gramps, and, predictably, Gramp’s loud blues music is the only thing that will soothe the savage Michael-beast. Also, his nursery is the cutest. I want all the art.

Less predictable is the resolution to the case. Hodgins and Angela search the scene and find the murder weapon ““ a rainbow glass water bottle. This points to Misty, a film-runner, at first, but she reveals that she slept with Nolan and must have left it in the Mini MoHo. Footage that Wes took showing a tornado with a rare clockwise movement combined with evidence from Scott’s probes that the tornado he was killed before was moving the same direction lead them to discover that Wes did get a call from Scott. On seeing Misty’s water bottle, he assumed Scott slept with her and the rest is a trashy pulp crime novel.

Booth updates Brennan that Wes didn’t even lawyer up. He apologizes for lying to her about tracking down the storm chasers and explains that he has to act like he can protect her and their baby because he knows he won’t always be able to. She says she’ll support his delusion.

There’s also a Z-plot with Squintern of the Week Fisher, who is on a break from another mental institution and living with his mother, and bringing girls home who make nice with his mom so that they can be invited over more. It’s all very confusing.

In January, Bones returns with what looks to be a new serial killer (ooh, ooh, I hope!), before going on a hiatus again to accommodate Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy. This episode definitely felt like the filler that it is.

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Yeah, this was not a good episode. I spent most of it rolling my eyes at Angela and Hodgins, because DUDES, FREE BABYSITTER, and hadn’t they already learned that Michael laughs in the face of routines? They should worry about something more worthwhile, like why the scriptwriters say he’s different ages in different episodes but still looks like a four-month-old.

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