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This Open Thread is Filled with Hot Chocolate and Warm Jammies

It’s finally Friday night! (I start nearly every weekend OT with that line, and it never gets less satisfying.) I hope everyone has a fun/cozy/productive/lazy/awesome weekend ahead of them. While you’re not too busy doing other things, come hang out with us in the comments. 

My Friday night involves both things in the title, a big ole cup of hot cocoa and my warmest pajamas, which happen to have bees all over them. Not real ones, real bees would be decidedly uncozy.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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Well, I like my pajamas like I like my women… COVERED IN BEES!

It`s Sunday afternoon here and I am chilling at the fanciest freaking place in the GTA, the Granite Club. Finished one gig from 11-2 (that I was late for, ergh) and have another from 5:30-8:30. It`s an hour to drive home so I get to hang out in the changeroom and stretch out on a (for real) fainting couch. One of two provided.

Aww yeah.

*hyperventilates* I am getting coffee tomorrow with someone who I met on OKC. Like… we just started messaging back and forth today. This is weird and unusual for me, since I tend to overanalyze eeeeeeverything until things fizzle out, so… yay?

Hokay, so! It was a ton of fun. We went on some grand adventures looking for a place to eat, and she lent me a scarf, which in the lesbian world means we’re going steady now. We were going to meet “for coffee” and when I was like “I have to confess that I don’t actually drink coffee,” she apologized for being so beverage normative.

She’s incredibly attractive, a lot of fun, we have a very similar sense of humor, and… yeah. I do kind of feel like I’m being 12 about the whole thing, being this happy over a date, but… it was so much fun.

Oh no! Definitely support the idea of a hot bath. I hope that takes care of it.

As someone who has had back problems before… if you can take them, NSAIDs (like ibuprofen) can be awesome. Also: rice bags (small [like 8″x8″] flannel pillows filled with raw rice, which can be heated in the microwave. Like a waterbottle, but if it leaks, you can sweep it up.)

It really bothers me when people (people who should be your friends) imply that a couple without kids isn’t as much of a family as those with kids are.

Look, I get it, kids are awesome, but I just don’t like them and don’t want them.  Thankfully I met and married someone who feels exactly the same way.  Our furry kids are enough.

Thanks for letting me vent, here’s a pic of my “kids” for the world to see.


Real bees would be pretty avant-garde, though.

I am about to go to bed. Don’t even need to take the dog out again, since we went less than an hour ago (obviously, if she bugs me to go, we’ll go, but she is so spoiled that we went on a half-mile walk in the COLD. My phone was under my coat, and when I moved my coat to get it, she just got so excited… how could I say no to that?)

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