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We Try It: Brazilian Waxing

The verdict? It’s not that bad. It’s actually kind of awesome.

I pride myself on being pretty self-sufficient when I deal with most things related to my body. I trim my own bangs, I pluck my own eyebrows, and when I’m feeling under the weather, I typically opt for home remedies and resilience over going to the doctor. However, I recently entered this “Try All of the New Things” stage in my life, and outsourcing maintenance of my Netherlands in a major way was on that list of New Things. I considered it a challenge. I have gotten exactly one bikini wax in the past, and it was easily one of the most painful things I have ever willingly put myself through. Naturally, I expected my Brazilian experience to be something akin to the chest waxing scene from The 40-Year-Old Virgin. It wasn’t! It was actually completely bearable! And, I swear it wasn’t just the complimentary glass of wine talking.

I went to an esthetician (Jules in San Diego, if you are in the area) who used hard wax instead of strip wax. Unlike strip wax, which people are probably more familiar with (and which is responsible for the 40-Year-Old Virgin debacle), hard wax is a lot easier on the skin. Stripless hard wax is applied with a waxing stick, similar to strip wax. But, the similarities end there. Hard wax looks and feels like warm silly putty, and like silly putty, it does not adhere to your actual skin. Strip wax sticks to pretty much everything. Hard wax only sticks to the hair, which means that once the wax and hair are removed, there is less stinging and irritation. A lot less. My bikini wax from 6 months ago, which I had professionally done with strips, left the skin on my bikini line red, bumpy, and irritated for a few days. My labia were so mad at me. The pain from my Brazilian lasted for a ridiculously short time. The removal was the most painful part, but after my appointment was over, everything felt fine. By the time I had put my underwear back on, the pain was gone and I could go about my day without agonizing over skin irritation. Big thumbs up from Vagina Town this time around. It helped that Jules was really friendly and talked to me about completely unrelated topics the whole time, except for when we discussed how little the hard wax hurt compared to strip wax. Also, did I mention the wine? Because there was definitely wine.

It has been less than a week, but I can already see the benefits of getting waxed, especially with my period coming just around the corner. I have always tried to keep myself pretty closely trimmed and well maintained, so I am excited to not have to worry about that at all for the next few weeks.  My showers are shorter! My underwear fits better! Sex feels more awesome! I feel this strange urge to frolic around without pants even though it is winter and there are probably laws against it!

Strip wax is less expensive, which is why a lot of salons opt for strips instead of hard wax. But if you’re thinking of getting waxed and have sensitive skin, hard wax is definitely worth the search and the added expense. Only having to get waxed every 4-6 weeks means that you also have that time to decide whether to keep up getting waxed as part of your bi-monthly routine or to start trimming and maintaining on your own starting off at a more manageable level.

All in all, having my first Brazilian was a pretty fantastic experience. I don’t see myself going back to purely self maintenance, unless my bank account says otherwise. Of course, the takeaway message of my experience, whether or not you decide to start waxing and whether or not you choose strip wax or hard wax, is if there is a free glass of wine, you should enjoy it.

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