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We Try It: Breathe Right Strips

Things have gotten very sexy around the Sally J house this week. My sinuses are protesting the season, and I’m carrying around a box of facial tissue like it’s my cell phone from 1995. I stumbled upon something, though, that is making this cold of my mine somewhat manageable. 

Saturday night I didn’t sleep–you know that vicious cycle of needing to sleep but having too many cold symptoms to sleep? That was me.

Sunday night, in an act of desperation, I put on one of Mr. Sally J’s Breath Right strips. He uses them when he’s really congested to stop the snoring. If you haven’t seen them, they’re simple adhesive strips that you put across your nose.

I put one on, and OH MY NASAL PASSAGES. Air passed through them. I could breath for the first time in days.

Do you know what happens when you can breath while you sleep?

You sleep through the night.

I woke up Monday morning feeling more rested than I have in long, long time. I can’t even describe how refreshed I felt, it was that overwhelming.

I have added Breathe Right strips to my winter arsenal. I’ve heard that you can only wear them so many nights in a row before the adhesive starts bothering your nose. I’m hoping that the extra sleep I’m getting cuts the duration of this cold in half, and that I don’t get to that point. If nasal congestion ails you, give them a try!

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Sounds like a winner! When I’m starting to feel under the weather, I try to get a good amount of sleep and fortify my immune system. I’ll add those strips to my arsenal!

Here are some other tricks I use… Of course doping up on vitamin C and zinc (alternating!) can help a weak immune system fight off the baddies, but I also make a stir-fry with plenty of garlic (slows pathogens) and ginger (an immune system aid and is an anti-inflammatory), veggies (especially those with vitamin A, like carrots, because it has a role in white blood cell production), and chicken breast. Or order up some spicy Indian takeout with garlic and ginger in it.

Still, my best recommendation is to take a hot bath, as hot as you can stand. Get into the empty tub and fill it with water. If you have a thermometer around, check that your temperature hovers around 101-102 (no higher!) while you’re in the bath. Watch a TV episode while you’re in there (at least 20 minutes). Drink plenty of water. Faking a fever like this increases your circulation, helps kill the germs, breaks up mucus, and strengthens your immune response. Plus it can be incredibly relaxing.

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