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So this week, the four shows I’m still watching all had something strange in them. First Chihayfuru tells us that pie crust tastes good. UN-GO shows us that people writing a book in reality is not a good idea. Fate/Zero focused on a non-cast character. And finally, Last Exile tells us that making Captain Tatiana smile is bad news.

Chihayafuru, Episode 9

So the Karuta club is not official and Chihaya can’t be the president. I think that the “Empress” doesn’t like her, it might be because she sleeps in her class, acts like a tomboy all the time, and is generally as blunt as a warhammer.

So we learn that Chihaya is a Class A karuta player and Taichi/Nishida are Class B. In this context, Chihaya wanting to play with the two newcomers (Class E) really makes no sense. Well, besides the “getting yourself steamrolled every day will make you become better” concept. Sometimes I think anime creators live in fantasy worlds.

Anyway, Chihaya wants to participate in the summer Tournament, but they don’t get enough time to practice on their normal “schedule,” so she decides to hold a camp at Taichi’s place on a long weekend. Karuta seems to be a really hard sport. If people have trouble playing more than four matches per day, they need to build endurance.

There’s a bit of character development in this episode as well and more of “love triangle” at the end when Arata sends a message to Taichi to wish “happy birthday” to Chihaya for him. Poor Taichi, the guy is totally in love in Chihaya and she isn’t exactly indifferent, going by this episode…just thick.

UN-GO, Episode 8

Another show with a “noble” disguising herself as a maid this season. Must be something in the water in Japan.

So while Shinjurou was having his LSD-induced real-life adventure, Inga and friends where looking for him. It seems like he never left the prison where he went to meet the Novelist at the end of episode six. So everybody goes to the prison and we get “more” people in the movie recording crazy adventure.

We get some information about who is behind all the craziness. She’s a kami called Bettenou, a “god” that can make people’s ideas into reality. Still, despite the crazy stuff, we have a real murder to solve. I liked this episode. Beside the interesting crime setup and the reason behind it, we also had Inga and Kazamori back and some more “hints” about the true mystery in the show. Like Shinjurou saying, “There was no war.” I suspect everybody lives in a “false world” controlled by the peanut-butter lover (Rie’s father). Some of his “workers” are starting to see this as well. And now I’m wondering if Rie is really his daughter.

Fate/Zero, Episode 10

Rin-chan and jewel magic.
Rin-chan and evil German speaking book.
Rin-chan and Caster Master.

I guess she never was one to think before acting.

This was almost a boring episode, mostly because it focused on little girl screaming. Also, it was pretty distant from the true plot, focusing entirely on Rin. At least we get to see Berserker’s Master and I’m starting to think that Kirei is going to betray his “teacher.”

Also, damn you, episode, for making me think of Sakura-chan.

Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing, Episode 8
Tatiana smilling
Bad news, everyone. Captain Tatiana is smiling.

So this episode focused mostly on Captain Tatiana trying to save the Silvius from the First Fleet ambush. In the first season, I really had the impression she was a bit crazy. Now, I’m sure of it and all the crew knows it. Especially Alister, who just knows that when she’s smiling, it means she’s going to do something totally crazy. She gives an awesome speech about everybody going back to Anatoray, despite knowing that Sadri is a much better tactician and that there is a big cliff in front of them, which their ship will probably crash into. Sadri and friends where sure they were gonna self-destruct their ship, too. Also, Millia and Fam catch the last ship on the contract and Gisey starts crying. Somebody will have to help her to get out of her breakdown. Poor kid.

Now to the meat of this episode. Ship battles are really this show’s strong point, amazing choreography, awesome effects, and really interesting (none-)strategy. The Silvius is really agile for a battleship and packs some serious firepower. The improved armor-piercing shells are just “Kablooy” (they made a hole in a cliff).  The Silvius also had help from some Glacies vanships in the fight, but it probably could have managed to escape on it own. As for the none-strategy, Tatiana isn’t a good tactician, in fact, she seems more into following this simple logic: “What’s the current problem” -> “find solution” -> “apply.”  She’s also quite opportunist. Using enemies’ ships to gain altitude, really. I though that only worked in space Sim computer games.

This episode also introduces the four unknown pilots in the OP, they are Glacies pilots. They also speak Russian (true Russian with thick Japanese accents), but their alphabets seems closer to Phoenician alphabets, which is the ancestor of Greek and a lot of Nordic alphabets. All the other nations in the show use Greek for alphabets. They have bad-ass vanship propelled with rockets and canons that can make holes in the Ades’s heavy armored battleships. Their tech level is above everybody else, except the Guild. In fact, most of the tech seems Guild-inspired. This make Glacies a really interesting country. Although, after seeing their tech and their ships in action, the Ades Federation is going to brake a few teeth on them, unless Glacies only have a few vanships. In this case, the Ades number will win.

We also get a new ending sequence, but no preview for next week. I guess the Silvius will need to return to its home base and Gonzo wants to keep this a secret. It needs major repairs now, the fight ended up more than 65 vs one, too.

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