Weekly Anime Review

So this week, only three animes get reviewed. Last Exile: Fam, The Silver Wing showed a recap episode this week, so no point in reviewing it. It’s great for newcomers, not so great for people who have been watching since day one.

Chihayafuru, Episode 11

Team planing
Never let Chihaya do the planning

It’s the final of the Karuta tournament and I just realized that everybody has a nickname in this show, usually ridiculous ones (Eyebrows, Desk-omu, Porky).

Dr. Harada (Chihaya’s sensei) came over to encourage his pupil in the final and it seems he must have a popular club because he knows a lot of people at the tournament. The match is similar to all the other matches we have seen. Chihaya’s super hearing makes her a really good player and against Mister “I’m better than everyone,” it actually helped a lot. For a few seconds, I though they were going to lose, too… but Chihaya’s hand got attracted to the Impassionate (Chihaya) card all by itself.

We also got to see Arata again, he was checking his email. It probably took a few hours, considering the number of emails Chihaya sends him.

Fate/Zero, Episode 12

Now we know why Assassins showed up last episode. It was a trap to see Rider’s noble phantasm… Poor Velvet. His Servant caused him a lot of trouble.

This episode had a lot of exposition again, mostly between Archer and Kirei. It was mostly about command spells this time and how, when a master dies, they can be given to somebody else. Like an ex-master who lost his Servant, sometimes masters who lost their Servant might also be granted command spells, and then they now have to steal a Servant. It felt like foreshadowing. Also, I’m starting to think that Archer is going to betray Toshaka to follow Kirei. This is a really scary development if it happens.

There was more discussion about pleasure, too. Poor Kirei, he’s getting corrupted by Gilgamesh.

The rest of the episode was about Iri and Saber going to their new hideout. We also learn that Iri is starting to “die.” That’s the best way to say it. She’s an homunculus created to summon the Grail. I guess that each time a Servant dies, she will deteriorate.

UN-GO, Episode 11

Kazamori doing exercices
1, 2, 3, Stretch!

Why are your searching for the Truth?

There were lots of references to 2001 in this episode. Also, there is a conspiracy theorist twisting words left and right in this episode. It is quite amusing, especially when it looks like she’s faking it. Poor Rie, her dad is an ass and now everybody knows it!

So this was another WTH! episode. I’m starting to think that Kaishou isn’t the guy with Benettou, unless he’s trying to retire in a Grand fashion. Also, Inga is acting strangely because of the kami (Benettou) and isn’t as fun to watch. Oh, and sometimes I wonder if the clothing changes are a mistake or real, which mean that we might be watching two different realities at the same time. Confusing.

Best action scene of this episode was the Defeated Detective throwing doll-Kazamori at somebody’s leg to throw them off balance.

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