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You Complete Me Internet: Fighting the Winter Blahs Edition

On today’s journey into the deep recesses of the Internet, we’ll be looking for links that put a smile on the face, or otherwise make Monday afternoon go a bit faster. 

1. First, I’d like to introduce our new blog buddies, the saucy and clever women of Hot Ink. The ladies do honest reviews, beholden to no one, with a side order of coffee-through-the-nose hilarity.

2. Do you know what your office needs? Spontaneous karaoke. While there are probably at least a dozen apps for that, there’s also a website. Ronan’s Free Online Karaoke.

3. A brief history of the wisdom of Unflushable Newt, via Salon. A Look Back: Newt’s most outlandish positions. You’ll be needing these in the coming months (weeks?) to battle the Newtsters. If discussing politics on the Internet is your thing, that is, and Newt isn’t.

4. Not every CEO is a money-grubbing, soul-sucking, self-preserving booger cheese. American Airlines CEO Gerald J. Arpey stepped down (without severance) this week, in protest of the airline filing for bankruptcy. The company isn’t anywhere close to insolvent. It’s speculated that they filed to make it easier to work around the union to lower wages and benefits for employees. While his resignation won’t make the holidays any brighter for the folks who are about to make even less than they did, at least someone (formerly) at the top was willing to stand up for the people who helped him get there. A CEO’s Moral Stand, via NYT

5. This classified ad is just the kind of jaunty wordsmithery I needed to start my week. Snowblower.

6. It’s the intersection of knitting, hats and babies on this ColourLovers blog post, which made your humble listmaker squeak out nonsense noises for several moments.

Baby in a knit hat with orange, yellow and pink flowers.
Crochet Earflap Hat (Autumn Bloom hat on Etsy | Dahlia) (click image to go to Etsy store)

7. Holy crap. Someone fire up the Persephejet, we’re going on a field trip to Germany.

Disney-smishney, Miniatur Wonderland is the happiest place on earth. (via Dark Roasted Blend)

8. Sociological Images gives the side-eye to a start-up with an interesting take on the sign-on bonus.

9. It’s EwokEndorChewieDeathStarCake! See how to make it step by step at The Infinite Yums,

10. Electric gingerbread men via Evil Mad Scientists.

Electric gingerbread men with LEDs

11. And finally, here’s a great post x-post at Racialicious called “Why I Don’t Feel Welcome at Kotaku.”


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