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You Complete Me, Internet – Random Bits of Randomness Edition

It’s time once again to put on our Wellies and wade through the rest of the Internet looking for cool stuff to see, read, and do. After you’re done reading Persephone, that is. 

1. Let’s start our journey at Colour Lovers’ blog, which is one of my very favorite spaces in the wild, wild web. The Colour Lovers site is pretty addictive as it is, but they consistently go above and beyond with the blog. I had a hard time choosing one piece to feature, but this spread of really cool advent calendars won out in the end. Because of the one below, which even my project-averse soul could get into:

Magnetic Tins (Reusable) Click image to go to site.

Also worth a peek at CL, their very colorful gift guide and a neat post on holiday cards.

2. This recipe for pull-apart cheddar/bacon/ranch bread looks like something I could eat all by myself, in front of SVU reruns with a box of Franzia. In other words, the highest praise I can possibly confer on a food item I need to prepare myself.

This is what I call "hibernation food."

3. Here’s a house in Scarsdale, NY, which is like a time capsule for early ’60s design. (from Retro Renovation) JUST LOOK AT THIS KITCHEN.  LOOK AT IT, I SAY.

4. How lies, damned lies, and statistics spread on the Twitters, on Information Aesthetic from a post on Guardian UK.

5. Have you seen Small Demons? It’s the most bookish and clever idea I’ve heard all day. The site explores the people, places and things in all our favorite books.

6. The Oatmeal has designed the best Christmas cards I’ve ever seen, but I have a twisted sense of humor.

7. This link made me cock my head to the side in puzzlement. The Fearless Leader of Pinboard, a paid bookmarking site, explains why blogs/services that give away free content are terrible. This site owner who provides free content and reads at least one post a day about the evils of paywalls says “Hey Pinboard, do you even go here? PS: You’re welcome for us providing original content your paid users can link to.” Don’t confuse Pinboard with Pinetrest, or for that matter ChimedIn (or Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Metafilter, Google +, etc.)  Or do, I’m not sure it matters.

8. So, I’m a fan of food porn. I don’t cook often (or well, for that matter) but I like looking at pretty pictures of food I might want to cook someday. I shy away from many food blogs in the YCMI lists, however, because all my favorites stopped posting food and started posting Instagrammed pictures of trees and children. I’m an omnivore, but even I draw the line at eating trees and children. Other food blogs still post actual food, but it’s getting harder to find recipes that don’t rely on obscure ingredients I’m never going to find at my local Kroger, and I’m not spending $10 in gas to drive to the ritzy side of town to buy some $30 ingredient I’ve never previously heard of. (WTF is Hawaiian Red Clay Sea Salt? Can I substitute Morton’s?) Retro Food is the exception to the new normal in food blogging, and I love it to pieces. I’ve heard of every ingredient, it’s not over-designed, and there isn’t a hint of twee in the whole damn archive.

9. Our buddies over at Pajiba have been tearing it up with reviews for all the holiday movies, including this one, for celebrity celluloid collage project New Year’s Eve. The title says it all:  New Year’s Eve Review: Like Being Fellated by a Weed Whacker.

That’s all for today’s YCMI, feel free to add your own recommendations in the comments!

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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