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100-Day Burpee Challenge: Week Two!

It appears that the days of five-minute workouts are over. *Sigh*  As week two comes to an end and week three begins, how are you all feeling? Any stronger? Is your form getting better, or does it falter as the reps increase? I’m on day 16, and I’ve been catching myself getting sloppy around rep 10, but then really pushing myself for the last five, and even mixing it up and doing the pushup part with no knee. One of the things I’m trying to work on as the number increases is to resist the urge to just bang them out, and instead, take the extra few minutes and do them properly (or as properly as I can). This makes it harder, but I tend to feel like I’m cheating myself if I half-ass it.

So, my fellow Challengers, what have been your pitfalls and victories this week? Has this challenge inspired any other fitness changes? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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I am a bit more in control of my flailing limbs, but noticed that I’m sorta cheating with my finishing jump, so there is still some place left for refinement. I’m on day six now and very happy that I at least have some jumpin around experience so that I’m not completely without breath after a burpee.

I did mine in one set up to 10 then started breaking in half, and today I did 6, 6, and 5. Whatever. I do it as a break in studying, so it’s a good way to alternate activities. I’m not at all excited about anything above like 30. I guess I can imagine 3x 10 or 3x 12 being do-able, but I can’t really imagine like, 6x 15 being pleasant at all. So we’ll see about this.

Because I am crazy, i started with 15 (5 factorial)  and do it every workout day (I workout 4-5x/week) and I’ll be doing 24 today. It’s…certainly a challenge, but I feel more revved up to do heavy lifts afterwards and by the time I’m almost finished my yoga series for the day, I’m pretty beat. (It’s also a nice boost to my Fitocracy points for the day, which is always welcome!)

I am all in favor of sets–right now 8, but working up to sets of 10.

I’m playing some catch-up. My depression was all like, “Hey. You should never get out of bed. EVER.” I missed a couple of days. Because, at this point, I can’t imagine doing all the backlog in one day, I’ve been adding the burpees I missed day to day. As in yesterday, I did my factorial for Day 10 and the 14 I had to do. Today, right after this post, I’ll be doing Day 11 factorial and 15.


Lesson very much learned. I will wake up and do these burpees come hell or high water (or mountains of snow as the case may be. Seriously, it’s been snowing for the past week non-stop).

I find myself having to break it up into sets at this point; today I did 8, then 7, and by the end of the second set, I wanted to die. My form is suffering a bit because I have to modify a little for my knees, and I’m doing about half and half real pushups and drop-to-knee pushups.

I can’t imagine how difficult day 30 and higher are going to be.

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