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2012 Jeopardy! Challenge

All right party people, so far this week we have offered up a fitness challenge and a sexy-time challenge. I have a different kind of challenge for you. Registration is officially open for the next round of Jeopardy! testing, and I challenge you to do it.

You know you’ve always wanted to do it. We would all totally kick some Jeopardy ass. I am so committed to trying to get on Jeopardy! that I have talked a friend into helping me get over my irrational fear of microphones.

The tests for adult contestants take place from January 17th to the 19th, so on Friday the 20th I’ll check back and we can all compare notes on how we think we did.

 Jeopardy! Online Registration

It's just waiting for you.



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I’ve been signed up for months! I took the test last year and did pretty well, but obviously not well enough. A few things to look out for: The time goes really fucking fast. They give leeway for typos, so don’t stress too much about fixing things or you’ll wind up typing part of the question into the next answer, having to erase that, and then all of a sudden you miss a couple trying to fix things. Make sure to look at the categories; that part is tricky since if you’re watching the show you know ahead of time if the question is 8 letters or starts with G or whatever, and in the quiz it pops up at the same time as the answer. And thankfully you do not have to type “What is” every time! Do the practice test so that you get used to the format and make sure it works in your browser.

Also, try not to get in an inane argument with your SO five minutes before the test. That really doesn’t help with the ol’ concentration.

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