Always Be My”¦Pad-y?: Always Infinity Pads

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As a woman, there are certain products I need to use every so often that don’t get discussed too often in polite company or any company. Even the commercials for these products seem dedicated to obfuscating their true purpose, using a watery blue liquid to “demonstrate” their abilities.

A box of Always Infinity pads.So let me make this clear so that the weak of stomach can bail right here; I’m going to be talking about pads and I’m going to be talking about how they perform in real world scenarios. Take a deep breath, put down your lunch, and let’s discuss the care and keeping of lady-parts.

Always Infinity pads are one of the newer, slightly more expensive products to hit the menstruation marketplace. It boasts of its ability to stay in place, absorb better, and of a design that inhibits leaks. Basically, what almost all pads claim to do. Having tried many other pads since my confusing, painful, and anti-climactic transition to womanhood, I can say that these pads are actually the real deal. Despite the fact that the Always website has copy that looks like it was poorly translated from another language into English, (“ideal product for menstruation period”?) they’re not lying about the abilities of this product.

The best feature these pads have to offer is the “Infinicel” core which talked the big talk about drawing in fluid and holding it in the core of the pad. I was skeptical”¦ but it actually does exactly that. And frighteningly well. (Slight TMI alert) When I change my pads and flip them over, I can see that the bottom of the pad has more extensive staining than the top, which can only mean that it genuinely does pull the liquid into the core and then the bottom layer of the pad. For something that you’re going to be sitting on for a few hours at a time, this is kind of a huge deal in terms of comfort.

I found the other features generally superior to other pads I’ve tried as well; the pad stayed in place better and didn’t twist around like most other do, it’s thin enough that it doesn’t feel bulky when you’re wearing it, and it sticks better than a lot of other pads I’ve used which is a thing because nothing’s worse than getting a pad stuck to”¦ parts. The downsides would be that the wings aren’t made with the same super absorbent core, so if your panties ride up and shift the position of the pad you’ll still get leaks. Also, while it’s great at absorbing liquid, any bits that are”¦ less than liquidy are going to sit on the top of the pad like they do with any other brand.

Overall I’m rating the Always Infinity pad an 8 out of 8. It’s the best pad I’ve ever used for my period and one I plan to continue using in the future. And if you know any women secreting blue liquid out of anywhere, please take her to the hospital immediately.

Rating: 8/8 tentacles

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these are a little more expensive than what I usually opt for (Store-brand thin pads) but they are without a doubt my very favorite pad of all time.

(here comes the tmi) I’m a little heavy with my crimson tide’s ebb & flow, so I need some serious coverage. Wit theses, I have yet to ruin a pair of jeans. Hell to the yes on these.

As a staunch pad hater since middle school, I was annoyed at their necessity post-LawToddler’s arrival.  I went with these fancy pads and they were AMAZING.  I barely felt them, and they contained it allllll.  I’m still anti-pad, but I did wind up using the entire box over a few months.

I tried the Infinity pads a few months ago and for some reason my butt kept eating them (TMI, I know). The covers kept ripping and then I’d wind up with little pieces of the core all over the place. I’m jealous that they work for you, because I loved how absorbent they were!

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