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Are You a Unicorn? OT for 1/12/12

So, you mave have noticed a few new things around here, like our sexy new category icons that Selena slaved over, and some fun new community and commenting features. But most importantly, have you all noticed the points and ranks you can earn by commenting, friending your fellow Persephoneers, and adding a status to your member page? I mean, I’m not saying I’m a competitive freak of nature or anything, but I’M A PERSEPHONEER GENERAL NOW, BITCHES!

And the best part is that it’s all in good fun, and I know it won’t get ugly and people won’t get cranky about it, because everyone here is amazingly great, and you can donate points to people, which is exactly the type of generous, cool thing that awesome Persephoneers do. Have some fun and click around on your “member” page, see what’s what around the site, and come back here to tell us all about your life, your week, your dinner, whatever. Whether you’re a Newbie, a Pomegranate, or a Glittery Superstar, we love having you here!

And I’ve just received word from our Benevolent Overlord, Queen of the Underworld Selena MacIntosh, that for the next 24 hours, all point-earning activities will be worth five times their regular number of points. You’ll all be unicorns by the weekend!

I love when we get new features.

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I’m a Cerberus?  Is there a ranking system somewhere that I can see what all the ranks are and the requisite points needing to reach each new level?

Also, to leave something about myself I just knit my first sock yesterday.  I feel awesome.

SUCH a long but good day today, ladies!

Wash had a great check-up with his Radio-Oncologist – he lived long enough to go 18 months since his last visit, and he doesn’t have to go back for another 6 months! For someone with his cancer, that’s pretty gorram good.

We walked in great weather today. We went out for a late lunch date together too!

I even harvested some delicious strawberries from my backyard garden. GREAT day. :)


No, we just had them in a bed. We were a bit silly and planted ALL THE THINGS into these raised beds, had no idea what we are doing. We have a better idea now, and I bought another raised bed the other day so we can spread things out a bit more.

I was surprised how well the broc grew here, my real issue has been aphid infestations. They destroyed one plant and they are impossible to get out of the heads when you harvest them.

I’m really enjoying my garden, planted my rosemary in a half wine barrel yesterday, I can wait to see how it grows now :)

Crowd sourcing my nibbles ideas: anyone have gluten free nibble ideas? My friend recently discovered she has Celiac Disease, so I’ve got to rejig my traditional nibbles ideas.

So far I have

– Roasted Garlic Butter Bean dip with crudites, Curry Roasted Chickpeas, and cheese (with rice crackers on a separate plate, just in case I missed an ingredient that says that have some wheat in them).

Anything else?

gosh, there are a lot of things! Is she also vegetarian or anything? You’re in the Southern hemisphere, right? so it’s Summer now? I had a coeliac-friendly wedding and I did a succotash, which is not just something Sylvester says, but also a tasty bean and corn salad that you traditionally put bits of pork belly in (I used bacon). I also did a mixed grilled veg thing, with bell peppers, aubergine & courgette grilled & then tossed with some oil and vinegar & fines herbes. I have found that for crackers & stuff the best gluten-free options tend to be ones that have a bunch of different types of flours mixed together. This lady in California has a pretty good blog on gluten-free cooking that you might get some ideas from: Gluten Free Goddess

Being in school all of today and having projects to do all during the point thing yesterday put me 1500 points behind my dad! Curse this competitive streak of mine: it’ll be my undoing.  But now I have to post as much as I can before the time runs out

It’s so weird…I was looking for an alternative to Jezebel for a long time, and then I found it, and then I never commented here.

So today I received a bunch of emails from people wanting to friend me, and I figured maybe a bunch of accounts were hacked or something.  Lo and behold I stumbled upon this after months of inactivity, and it made me remember why I really liked this site in the first place.

I’ve officially added you guys to my “Bookmarks Bar” and intend to read & comment more frequently now.  Consider yourselves warned!  :P

Haha! You sound like me! I remember coming to this site, but never came back regularly. Then this afternoon, I got two friend me messages and I thought “WTF? Is this spam?”. I checked it out and saw it was legit, yay! I’m glad y’all managed to find me and reel me back in :)

I like the layout here.  It feels less…corporate?  More like a collaborated wordpress site that I used to work on…I dunno.  I just dig not having obnoxious splash adverts for my rash-inducing allergy nemesis, Pepto Bismol, everytime I go to the frontpage, haha.  I’m happy to be back. :)

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