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Big Orgasm Challenge Update: Week 3

Well, ladies? How’s it coming?


Honestly, there’s not a lot interesting on my end to report, aside from the obvious. We’re right on track for the year, not a lot extra going on, but we had a pretty rough year last year in the bedroom department, and this feels like progress to us.

How is everyone else doing? Spill the beans, ladies.

By Meghan Young Krogh

Meghan had a number of quality writing mentors over the course of her education, which just goes to show that you can't blame the teacher for the way the student turns out. Team Oxford Comma represent.

38 replies on “Big Orgasm Challenge Update: Week 3”

Fantastic! I’ve had about four, I think. I should start keeping track.

And I’ve spreading out the orgasms to others, too. Er. By which I mean I bought a friend vibrators for Christmas and she just had the chance to use of them. It was very successful. Actually she called it “the greatest invention of humanity thus far.” And she’s had 7 this week.



Lelo products are pricey but very quiet. Certainly not the power of a Hitachi – but nothing is that strong. The Lelos have a lot of different vibrational patterns, too. I have this one. My favorite is to use it on my G-Spot while my fingers take care of my clit. On target for once a week – trying to up my game a bit though…going for 3x/week.

I got jipped out of an orgasm last night. Someone finished before me, and couldn’t hold on for me. I was really close too, so I am DARK about this. Particularly since I had been close, got pulled out of my rhythm and then he got to enjoy one.

Next time there will be no coming until I do, Goddamnit.

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