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C Is For This Open Thread

Or it would be if “Open Thread” started with “C.” I have a theme going in my posts today and I’m not even hiding it. I am sandwiching (mmm…like a cookie sandwich) your Persephone day in cookie posts. This isn’t doing anything to help my insatiable need for cookies, but it’s fun at least.

Here is a classic Sesame Street throwback. It was my favorite song as a kid, especially since I sang an alternate version using my name. I was probably indoctrinated by everyone’s favorite gluttonous monster at an early age and it’s created the cookie-obsessed blogger I am today. Haters to the left, though; I’ll just be over here singing my theme song.

By Luci Furious

There are no bad times, only good stories.

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This (and tomorrow) are my last real days off before school starts. Between grad school and working full time, I will never have a free moment again until graduation or death.

My exciting plans for the day involve cleaning my apartment from top to bottom, if I ever leave the computer. (My other exciting plan was finally getting around to officially joining PMag instead of just lurking all the time).

Well, I purchased it at Central Market, but if you aren’t in Texas you could probably find it at one of the Whole Foods type stores. It’s by a brand called Dorothea, but apparently they only make something like 2,000 wheels of it every year. Makes me sad I only have about a quarter of a pound left:/

it’s basically film 101, so we’re covering everything from the very beginning of film right up to about the 70’s/the godfather era, since most of us are pretty familiar with everything past that. We screen one film per class period and discuss that, plus the blackboard postings online talking about genres and whatnot, and then we have to find and watch several assigned films over the course of the week (it’s a once-a-week class). This week is Rushmore, Midnight in Paris, and Punch-Drunk-Love, I think just to get us into the habit, and then after that is The General and Broken Blossoms.

We’re also reading about 100 pages a week in the text. it’s a tough class, but I think i’m gonna like it.

A question for Irish and/or well-travelled Persephoneers: Can anybody recommend a nice place to stay in Dublin? I’m looking for B&B-type accommodation, i.e. on the cheap side – but not involving six people bunking in the same room. Any ideas and/or good experiences you can share?

Yay Dublin! I’m from there and I live there – which may not actually make me the best person to recommend B&Bs, but I’ll have a go! Are you looking for somewhere in the city centre or would you be ok with a 15 minute bus journey into town? What kind of price would you pay?

Ok, I am off to attempt to unfuck my sleeping schedule. I am a grad student who spent christmas holidays (until the 10th) going to bed at 1am in Mountain Central Time. I am now back on Eastern Standard, and because I have a flexible schedule/generally am a somewhat terrible adult, I have been going to bed at 2 and waking up at ten. This ends tonight!!!!

Dude, I think my sleep schedule is moving toward fixed! Also, I’m super psyched about aiding in the creation of a unicorn.

Also, I really like your page, I feel like it is helping be a less terrible adult. (I am pretty terrible at being an adult, partly because of gradschool, partly because I’m just bad at it).

Ergh, any other cat mothers around here? I’m taking my bb to a new vet for a free checkup on Friday, but I’ve been worried about her today because she’s been alternately sleepier and meowier. I feel bad for not playing with her more today but it’s not exactly been my best day, physically speaking. (Like, only left the bed to pee and eat, and give the kitten fresh food and water. Been in PJs all day. One of THOSE days.) Is she just upset that I didn’t play, or should this be something I bring up with the vet?

This has happened with one of ours when she had some type of infection (so far just an ear and UTI), but unless it’s accompanied by other things (crusty ears/eyes/nose, errant urinating, etc), it’s usually okay and they’re just being moody. I wouldn’t worry too much unless it’s for an extended time, and by then you’ll see the vet anyway :)

She’s probably ok, but see how she acts between now and the vet visit. If she’s still kind of off, starts peeing outside her box, etc., mention it to the vet. It could just be that she’s reacting to the different routine, but isn’t sick or anything. My cat will actually yell/bark at me if I don’t play with her when she wants. Needless to say, she’s earned the nickname “Ms. Bossypants”.

It turned out to be lack of playtime. Her favorite mouse toy ended up under the fridge and I fished it out with a wire hanger after work today and now she’s happy as a clam. She kept me awake from about midnight on by nipping my toes because she wanted to plaaaaaaaaaaay.

I’m definitely keeping the advice on checking her for crusty eyes/nose or peeing outside the box! That’s all good info to know.

I need a drink. Badly. I just had a situation where I was told unbelievable things and I do not know if I set this lady in the right direction. I do not know if my organisation could help her.

Holy shit I need a drink, and for my boss to come back so I can tell him what has happened.

Nice! I was in Tacoma this morning. But now I’m nestled back into my home in Portland. Blessed be the road gods.

Were you able to go sledding? The news crews were covering sledding areas (no kidding) and one guy was using a suitcase to go down the hill. They said he needed a better sled. I said he already found it. :) But the news crews couldn’t hear me…

I didn’t go sledding, but I did take my doggy out to frolic around in the snow a few times.  She has a love/hate relationship with the cold and wet, so she only wanted to play for about 30 minutes before she wanted back inside.

I haven’t been sledding in so long.  Gosh, that would be so fun!

What do you guys think of either Portland or Seattle/Tacoma areas? I am applying to state jobs in those areas and I’m curious if it’s worth the move (I am in northern Nevada). I’ve also been applying to jobs in Denver and Juneau, but I have always enjoyed Portland when I have visited.

I’m graduating with an MPH in epidemiology, so I’m looking at working in Olympia at the state or if I got some kind of research or local position near/in Seattle. My SO loves Seattle (he is from Juneau and has many friends there) and could easily find a job. U of W is also tempting for their biostats program, but I am so sick of school that I don’t know if I could handle a PhD.

I love Portland. So, I’m going to say you should check it out. But that’s because I want everyone to love it. It’s a pretty cheap place to live. But yeah, you have to acclimate to the weather. But that’s why we have beer, coffee and local distilleries.

Oh, and don’t go telling everyone this but Moonstruck Chocolates are the greatest – and it’s a local company. That and Voodoo Donuts. :)

I checked, and it’s only a 9% increase in cost of living above Reno, and we would finally have two incomes! I know the Oregon Health Authority is in the NE section, and my friend who lived there says that’s kind of an iffy area to live in.

I have heard about VooDoo Donuts, but a local chocolate place?! That sounds amazing, we hardly have any local stuff here. Sierra Nevada beer is considered local, if that is any indication of the low standards.

I have a lot of friends in NE. It’s not bad. Portland in general is very tame…

One thin people new to the area tell me is that we’re all REALLY nice. I don’t know. I guess we are?

But, if you decide on Seattle, Portland is not far away. Great for weekend trips.

I’ve nearly fallen asleep (or just flat out fell asleep) for the last four episodes of Deep Space 9. If this becomes a serious trend, I may have to admit that I find the series boring.  Also, I’m very interested in punching Julian in the face. He is utterly tactless.

With that, I think I’m going to get up and find a sweet treat to make. This talk of cookies… and my stupid oven doesn’t maintain a stable temp right now. Bastard.

The show really comes into its own around the 3rd/4th season. Its when it gets a lot darker than the other Star Trek franchises and the stakes get a lot higher. I’d like to suggest that you skip ahead, but there is a good deal of character development and story progress in the early seasons that inform what happens later.

Don’t give up!

I’m with Slay, DS9 starts a little slow, but once it gets going it stops being a sci-fi show and starts being a drama that happens to be set in space. Even Julian will grow on you after a while, especially once he and Miles become BFFs, and Julian almost always means Garek, who is always awesome. DS9 is much darker than the rest of the ST franchise, but it’s also got some of the best humor.

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