Finally, A Chain Mail Worth Responding To: Recipes for Everyone!

I sure am glad that only my grandmother still sends me the age-old chain email: “ZOMGZ IF YOU DON’T SEND THIS TO 400 OF YOUR MOST FAVORITE FRIENDS YOU’RE SURE TO DIE A HORRIBLE, POSSESSED-CHILD-ORIENTED DEATH.”

I’m not sure if anyone else has received this email chain (which is a huge upgrade, imo), but I’ve been on the recipient end of three of them now. The game goes like this: you receive the email because you’ve been bcc:ed with 20 other people. You email a recipe to the person listed first on a list in the email, and move the person in position two (who emailed you) to position one, then mail it out to 20 people you know who’d like to participate in the game.

The point is that a friend of my friend (who sent me the email) will receive a recipe and, presumably, 20 others. If you send out to your friends, THEIR friends will email you their recipes.

The rules are simple: the best recipe is the one you know by heart, is easy to make, and involves easy-to-find ingredients, and appeals to all.


  1. I have the memory of a goldfish (I’m not even sure I know my middle name by heart).
  2. I (have to) shop at a specialty health-food store. So yeah, if you have one close, then it’s easy to find.
  3. Are all your friends gluten- and dairy-free?

I feel like, in principle, I should participate, and provide a simple, easy-ish to make, twist on a classic, but one that caters to gluten intolerances, dairy intolerances, and has a vegan option. I feel like, on principle, it’s important to provide this to others so that they can make their meals more hospitable to their sensitive-tummy friends. I know that it’s a hassle to cook for me and anytime I attend a food-related gathering, I don’t expect options for me and generally offer to bring my own. (For what it’s worth, I don’t choose this diet; and I’m not sure that it matters if it was a choice.) But, crimey! When someone goes to the extra trouble of leaving out the butter, or having the cheese as an add-on, I feel like I could just pick “˜em up and smooch them right on the face-spot.

Of course, I didn’t participate in the email. Things happen. I can’t decide what to send. I’m already four days behind in my emails. I’m about five months behind in my graduate school work.

But the feeling of principle has not left me! So fear not, Persephies!

For I provide this to you:

(P.S. This recipe is near and dear to my heart as it’s bf’s top-secret, special, “Anyone will love brussels sprouts after this” recipe. Also, bf doesn’t know I’m posting it, but I wanted my first post to be something extra-special)


  • Bacon (obviously just leave all bacon-related steps out for vegans and vegetarians)
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Salt and pepper
  • Cumin
  • Red pepper flakes
  • Rosemary
  • Mirin, or other sweetish white wine
(Note: You can steam the brussels sprouts before hand, but it’s not necessary. It really just depends on the consistency you want!)
  1. First, take the bacon. Cook it. I like to leave mine un-crisped, personally.
  2. Take the brussels sprouts, halve them and cook them in the bacon fat at medium heat until brown. (Ghee is the second best option, best for vegetarians. Coconut oil for vegans!)
  3. Then add the salt, pepper, cumin, and just a bit of red pepper flakes, and rosemary.
  4. Let “˜em sweat, ladies. Let “˜em sweat. (You may want to lower the heat at this point.)
  5. After about ten minutes or so, toss in a quarter cup of mirin (or other white wine). Cook it down until begins to adhere to the brussels sprouts. A nice glaze will develop. The glaze is what cuts that nice salty taste.

You’ll note that, if you remove the bacon, you have a gluten- and wheat-free, vegan (dairy-free), vegetarian, BANGING side dish (that you’ll want to have as your main course, it’s so good).

In search of dessert? I provide you this from Tasty-Yummies, which may just be my favorite source of new, resourceful, soul-foody mouth orgasms.

By philososaurus

Raised on the farmlands of the Midwest, this gluten-free, feminist bunny took New York City by storm earning an MA in Philosophy. She’s currently encroaching on the normative territories in Chicago, spending time jamming the Discursive machines of ‘health’ and ‘illness,' and relaxing with her animal companions: Pfeffer, Yoshi, and Mr(ish) 'Saurus, her human-animal partner.

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