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Flashback Monday OT: NYE 1988

It’s my first OT of 2012. Where does the time go? I’ve always liked hanging out with friends on New Year’s Eve–not (usually) anything too over the top, but a fun night spent with friends looking back and looking ahead is how I like to spend the last day of any year. 

When I think back to how this became my activity of choice on any given December 31, I always go back to my freshman year of hight school. My friend whose birthday is on Christmas held her 14th birthday party on New Year’s Eve. She invited five or so of us over that night, and it was the first time I’d spent the night away from home on NYE. Little did my parents know at the time, they wouldn’t see me again on NYE until I was a parent myself, ringing in 2006.

I digress. The point is, those five friends with whom I rang in 1988 turned out to be some of my best friends in high school and beyond. The slumber party in 1988 set the tone of how I like to spend that holiday, and it hasn’t changed in 24 years. When did you start celebrating NYE with your friends? What’s your activity of choice on December 31?

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NYE is actually my birthday. I’ve had quite a few horrible ones, but the last few years I’ve ingratiated myself at other peoples parties, because I hate planning them for myself. That worked out well, even if it meant spending my birthday with people I hardly knew.

I can’t remember when I started celebrating but I do remember Y2K on NYE 1999. I was babysitting and the parents had stocked the house with batteries and dried food. I think I was about 15 or so and I tried to stay up late and watch NYE on TV, but I fell asleep. Later in the night, I woke to a crying baby. I picked him up to stop his crying and found his diaper wet, so I took it off and as I held him in my arms, the little bugger peed on me. I had no spare clothes and I felt weird about borrowing from his parents’ closet. So I slept in a pee soaked shirt. That is sadly, my earliest NYE memory.

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