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FunTime Open Thread: Board Game Trivia

I’ve been feeling the urge to have some people over for a game night lately. I think as adults, we forget just how much fun it can be to sit around a table and just play a game. So, to help scratch this itch, or encourage me to get off my butt and invite some people over,* I have some tabletop trivia for you tonight.

  1. What condition has you removing a bucket from Operation Man’s leg?
  2. Name one of the pairs of rooms connected by a secret passage in Clue.
  3. What card game is subtitled “The French Auto Racing Game”?
  4. What is the most awesome activity in Cranium?
  5. Name one of the South American territories in Risk.
  6. Pente and Othello are simplified versions of what ancient Chinese strategy game?
  7. Name one of the 10-point tiles in Scrabble.
  8. What game is based on the Rube Goldberg comics from the 1930s?
  9. What game gave us the phrase “Do not pass Go, do not collect $200”?
  10. Bonus* – Based on the assortment of weapons available in Clue, what the most statistically probable cause of death for Mr. Body?

And now, because I have Clue on the brain, I leave you with this:

*You guys can totally come over if you want.

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Oh! I forgot to tell my awesome Cranium story! So I was at a friend’s party and we were playing Cranium. One of the people on my team, we’ll call him J, was doing the acting one, and he was yelling “Ow my ear! He bit off my ear!” However, my friend, K, and I were completely clueless. Eventually the time ran out and everyone else in the room screamed (literally screamed), “Mike Tyson!”, to which K and mine’s reaction was “Who?” with confused looks. Yes, we are that culturally illiterate.

Later, during the same game, the people in the apartment above us started stomping on the floor because we were being too loud. We weren’t being that loud. It was about 9 PM on a Saturday on a college campus, and we didn’t drink. So we were not being too loud. Anyways, the all-play acting out a person card came up. The person was Marlon Brando. Each person had to pick how to show this person, without consulting the other people. So, independently, 4 out of the 5 groups decided to scream out “STELLLLAAA!!!!” at the top of their lungs. Cue a huge amount of stomping and banging from the people above us, and all of us laughing.

:D Fun times.

  1. Water on the Knee
  2. Conservatory
  3. I don’t remember but I’ve planned it and my parents own it.
  4. The spelling backwards one!
  5. My brother would know…I think one is Brazil.
  6. Go (?)
  7. Q
  8. What game is based on the Rube Goldberg comics from the 1930s?
  9. Monopoly
  10. Revolver

I’m guessing on most of these!!

  1. Water on the Knee
  2. Conservatory/Greenhouse/Kitchen/Library? My recall memory can only be so detailed.
  3. What card game is subtitled “The French Auto Racing Game”?
  4. Sculpting with the purple clay! (But I rock at blind pictionary)
  5. My family was not allowed to play Risk. It happened once and never again… :(
  6. ?
  7. X? I never pay attention to the points, I’m horrible.
  8. MOUSETRAP! I played the SHIT out of this game. May still have the water barrel somewhere in my parents’ house.
  9. Monopoly. Another game we had to ban. After a certain father had a hostel take-over involving his daughter…
  10. There’s a candlestick, a wrench, and that stupid pipe for blunt force trauma. L&O? What’s that? Haven’t seen it.

In the meantime, a lovely young man that I’ve been messaging on OKC finally asked if I wanted to meet for coffee (and then he told me his name!) I have died. I have just died. In the library, with the knife thanks to Colonel Mustard. Jealous old fool. :)

I believe Mr Body is most likely to die laughing at Madeleine Kahn.

This has nothing to do with anything, but: Do yalls get the weirdest food cravings while it’s shark week? I just ate red onion jam out of the jar, and then sugar and butter mixed together. What the hell.

#4 had better be sculpting.  No other activity has ever lead to my standing on a coffee table screaming “IT’S A DUCK IT’S A  DUCK ON A PLATE HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT’S CLEARLY A DUCK ON A PLATE.” *

For #10, I’m going to go with bludgeoning?

* It was not a duck.  It was an ice cream sundae.

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