How I Fell in Love in the Most Ridiculous Way Possible

This is the story of how I met Mr Cesy (or Good Looking Hockey Boy, GLHB for short, for the purpose this story). It’s entirely ridiculous, so I thought I’d share it for your amusement.

  • Come home from university one sunny February day to discover your flatmate having a beer with his tall and very good looking field hockey team mate.
  • Somehow be slightly charmed as GLHB shows you a disgusting picture of his toe which has had the nail removed after he attempted surgery on it with a craft knife. Slightly regret it when he leaves your house.
  • Start chatting on Facebook to GLHB. Actually do your homework for your Political Communication class when GLHP tells you it was his favourite paper, so you have something to talk to him about.
  • Invite GLHB to your ’80s themed birthday party. Be disappointed that he isn’t able to come because he is working. Spend quite a bit of the night looking at the door, hoping he’ll come in after work.
  • Make a status update that asks if anyone wishes to come and see “Angels and Demons” with you. (Feel shame while writing this when you recall you wanted to see “Angels and Demons”).
  • Go and see “Angels and Demons” with two of your flatmates, their respective girlfriends and GLHB. The seating arrangement is somehow done so you and GHLB are sitting by each other. Make terrible jokes about the Catholic Church throughout the movie to the annoyance of people behind you.
  • Take a sudden and unprecedented interest in field hockey. Get up on freezing cold Saturday mornings to watch keep your flatmate’s girlfriend company at hockey. Tell yourself that’s the only reason you’ve gone to watch the hockey.
  • Ingratiate yourself with GLHB’s best friend, hoping to wrangle an invitation to a pub crawl you know GLHB will be on. Fail miserably.
  • Turn up at the end of the pub crawl anyway because the pub is 100 metres from your house and you can “use a break from writing assignments.”
  • Watch as your drunken flatmate puts a coin in your drink as he hands it to you. Proceed to scull the drink because there’s a coin in there and you have to.
  • Smile as GLHB joins in the fun by putting a coin in your next drink. Shoot him a look that is supposed to be alluring while pretending to be slightly annoyed about what he has done, just end up looking like a dog chewing toffee.
  • Manage to get a coin in GLHB’s drink. Watch with delight the faces he makes while he sculls a Jack and Coke.
  • Get hit on by a very drunk member of the hockey team who is not GLHB. Become dismayed as GLHB’s best friend and your flatmate “encourage” it because they can see how uncomfortable it is making GLHB and you.
  • Leave pub to go home and finish the assignment that you were taking a break from. Discover shortly after that you have been joined by the dregs of the pub crawl at home, most notably your drunk flatmate and GLHB’s drunk best friend. Start chatting to GHLB on Facebook while you try to ignore the drunken party going on downstairs.
  • Start receiving phone calls from your flatmate’s phone. Discover it is quite obviously GLHB’s best friend on the line but he’s saying he is GLHB. Listen as the best friend tries pick up lines (as GLHB) that a 12-year-old would cringe at. Laugh nervously as you find out that the best friend also rings GLHB pretending to be you, and apparently fails miserably.
  • End up burning the best friend with a cup of tea as he makes another phone call to GLHB pretending to be you. Protest that it really was an accident, which it was, but you’re not too sorry about it. He’s not that hurt anyway.
  • Discover next day that the best friend and your flatmate have set up a so-called “company,” the sole goal of which is getting yourself and GLHB together. Best friend and flatmate name themselves “Lord of Awesomeness” and “Lord of Sweet-assness” as the officers of this company. Become slightly disappointed that they don’t register with the Companies Office.
  • Go around the company and start chatting to GLHB about mutual favourite television shows. GLHB comes down to watch some QI and lends you his copy of Fawlty Towers. Smile as he informs you that when you have finished the first season, he will come down and watch the second with you.
  • Praise John Cleese for only doing six episodes a series. Blast through the first season that night.
  • Invite GLHB down to watch second season of Fawlty Towers. Manage to watch the first five without too much drama, on your bed with arms around each other.
  • Fail to watch the final episode of Fawlty Towers as you start making out for a very long time. GLHB ends up staying the night.
  • Accept an invite from GLHB to watch Quantum of Solace at his house three days later.
  • Turn up at his house, make some awkward small talk with Best Friend, and then attempt to watch Quantum of Solace with GLHB. Take approximately nothing of it in.
  • Accept when GLHB asks you out.
  • Laugh as the Lords of Awesomeness and Sweet-assness proclaim success and invoice you for one “relationship creation.” Pay the invoice (one box of beer) and bask in the glow of a new relationship.

Over 2.5 years later, we still haven’t seen the final episode of Fawlty Towers and I’m still not sure what happened in Quantum of Solace.

Anyone else have a completely ridiculous beginning to their relationship with their significant other? Share it in the comments! 

By Cesy

Cesy grew up in a sheep farm in New Zealand. Accordingly some of her views are a bit strange.

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Do you remember a million years ago when Facebook still had apps that displayed on your wall? There was one called “Are you interested?” and you clicked yes or no based on photos. It was lame and shallow but I was living in a small country town in Korea and had limited options. Well, a guy clicked yes, we talked, and then we met! And the rest was history. (I’m slightly embarrassed over the whole dating app thing.)

Angelina Jolie, is that you? (I understand Brad Pitt is a huge Frank Lloyd Wright fan).

The room mate’s friends really seems to be the way to go. I set up my friend and my room mate, he repaid the favour by setting me and Mr Cesy up!

I’m not sure whether we’re supposed to thank each other or smack each other.

Oh oh, I have a story!

So, when I was a freshman, I was a member of a professional sorority, and we had a semi-formal coming up. I didn’t have a date, and which I mentioned to one of the sisters. Who told another sister, who told another sister. A few days later, I get a call from my roommate (also in the sorority) saying “[Sister who I don’t know very well, we will call her K] found you a date for semi!” My response was eloquent: “Huh?”

Roommate told me K heard I needed a date (which I didn’t NEED a date, I was capable of going alone!), and evidently she is always setting people up, so she took it upon herself to do, and now they wanted me to go downstairs to the front desk (I was living in a dorm at the time)to creep on this dude’s facebook page to see if I wanted to go with him (K was also an R.A. in my building).

So I went downstairs to creep, said yes, he’s cute, I’ll meet him, and K gave me his AIM (we shall call him R). I chatted with R for a few minutes and set up lunch plans. We were supposed to go with a couple other sisters and a couple of his friends, so it wouldn’t be awkward. The day rolls around, and R calls me, saying, “So uh, all the girls bailed, so it’s just going to be you, me, and my friends… is that okay?” I said it was — what else was I going to say? — and he picked me up. I attempted to make small talk all the way to the restaurant (we went to eat at Moe’s) and I finally said, after asking him about his favorite music, “Listen, I don’t do small talk very well. I’ve run out of questions, I am not really good at meeting people, and I am generally an awkward person. So if you would like to talk about something, just ask, but otherwise, I’m going to be quiet.” He laughed at me and said it was fine. We ate with his friends, and it was awkward, but also fine. He took me back to campus and dropped me off at the wrong building (which I didn’t tell him until later, because I didn’t want to embarrass him), and we made plans to study at the library together that night.

I forced my roommate to come along, and while “studying” we flirted all night. The next night, K (who is in the same major as R) told R I couldn’t come to the library that night because I distracted him too much the night before and they needed to study for their exam. We made plans to hang out the following night. We decided to make dinner at his apartment and watch a movie; we decided on pasta, and as he went for the canned sauce, I quickly interrupted, “I, uh, can make sauce. It tastes better.” R later said that I won his heart that moment, when I said I would make him a home-cooked meal, and it was actually good. Other highlights were me laughing at his wallet (it’s the wallet from Pulp Fiction) and him being impressed that I knew what it was from (it’s one of my favorite movies!), me enjoying his favorite movie, not running out of a single thing to say… and making out for like three hours, and then it was so late I just stayed at his apartment. And the dear boy, he drove me to my 9 a.m. class despite only getting a few hours of sleep (he could have just pointed at the bus stop).

Fast forward four years, and R is still my boyfriend, and we will probably be together forever. And it’s awesome.

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