I Really Love Food

There is one comment that I absolutely hate hearing after I tell someone that I do not eat meat. Just the one, and, to be fair, 99.9% of people never say it. And the 0.1% would be jerks in any situation, so please understand that what I’m talking about is silly comments made by jerks, not, like, huge statements about people and their diet preferences. Anyway, the comment is, “You must hate food, then a-hahah!”

Before I get into this, if you have issues with food, this post may bring some stuff up. Just keep that in mind, and proceed however you like.

OK and we’re back. Let’s just ignore the fact that that is a seriously fucked up comment to say to anyone, especially a stranger whose history with eating is not something you’re privy to. And let’s just ignore the fact that it is kind of a rude thing to say in the best of circumstances. Let’s just focus on how not true it is.

I love food. Food is really great! If I go a long time without eating food, I get miserable, grouchy, and extremely angry at the whole world. I could write odes to pasta, and avocado on fresh, warm toast with a little salt and pepper. If I had any talent whatsoever when it comes to music, whelp, I’d write an epic ballad about the joys of tomatoes in all of their forms. Food is just fantastic.

People don’t eat certain foods for a lot of reasons: allergies, taste preferences, culture, etc. Loving food is not about what you choose to eat, but the spirit with which you choose to eat it. Is food something you do to get through the day, or is it an adventure and a pleasure? If it is an experience worth noting on its own, then it doesn’t matter if you never eat snap peas or if you’re happy chowing down on fluorescent yellow “nachos.”

Loving food is an attitude. It’s a way of finding interest and deliciousity in every bite. It’s the freedom to create nerve-grating words like “deliciousity.” And it depends a lot more on what you bring to the table than what’s sitting on your plate.

(Note: recipes will be back next week ““ this week has included an over abundance of the seitan soup from last week.)

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If I get this (even as a flextarian) I usually ask if said person eats McDonalds/any junk food and if so, why they are punishing their tongue in such a way. Me eating less meat means that I think about what I’m putting in my mouth and where it came from and therefore appreciating it more.

I really like the foods I like and I really hate the foods I hate. I have OCD so certain textures/smells really bother me, and that includes food. I don’t like mushy foods, but I also hate celery and cabbage. I like hamburgers and egg dishes, but I can’t eat them. Bad things happen to me in bathrooms, like I’m not able to leave them… I hate HATE bologna and when I was little and my friends found I didn’t like it, they cornered me and wagged it in my face. But we’re not kids anymore. It’s mean to tease people based on their tastes. You don’t have to eat what I eat!

The comment I always get when I say I’m a vegetarian is – “Huh. So.  What do you eat?”

I live in Podunk, SC, and there aren’t a lot of vegetarians around.  Shoot, half the time someone says “seasoning”, they mean pork.

c’est la vie.

Yeah – there are a lot of people around here who think of vegetables as unnecessary side dishes, which are only tasty when cooked in the presence of hamhock.

That is not to say there aren’t health conscious people who eat vegetables, and have gardens and don’t live up to the stereotypes.

But the majority of folks eat meat, bread, and starches.  Plus greens cooked with bacon/hamhock/fatback (or for the health conscious: a smoked turkey leg – which btw – those greens were DELICIOUS).   But there are more and more people expanding their diets to include more vegetables.  So that’s good.


Yes! I think in general vegetarian meals are often more nuanced and interesting than meaty ones. Not that there aren’t interesting meat recipes out there, too, but it’s a lot more possible to just toss a piece of meat on a plate and call it a meal than to do that with tofu or vegetables.

Yes! 100% yes! Food is food, people, do what you want with it. If you’re like me, and hate frozen vegetables with a passion, just don’t eat them! But if you do like them, be my guest! I Your choices are yours, my choices are mine. There’s no good in interrogating people about what they do or don’t eat, apart from perhaps if you have a genuine interest and don’t make them feel like crap while asking questions.



I had an aunt who once razzed me a little to hard over my food choices because I don’t like onions. She kept making comments whenever I picked the onions off my food, something to the tune of, “Isn’t it time you grew up and learned to eat like an adult?” (Mind you I was 22.) The subcontext was clear: “You’re being a baby.” Well, this continued until one morning I was at her house and she made a ‘Yuck!’ face when offered a bowl of oatmeal. Of course I took my moment to drive home her insensitivity by giving her a taste of her own medicine; “Oh, you don’t like oatmeal? You don’t like adult food? I guess your tastes just haven’t matured yet.” The razzing stopped.

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