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Ladyghosts of TV Past: Battlestar Galactica: 2.16: “Sacrifice”

As I’ve mentioned before, this is my third watching of Battlestar Galactica. For a lot of the episodes, I can recognize the title, so there’s always a bit of a “Yay!” or “Oh no, not this one” feeling as I start my re-watch and recapping. This episode? No recognition. So let’s see what happens, shall we?

Previously on Battlestar Galactica, Dualla kisses Billy, and then they flirt as they work out, but also, Dee is flirting with Lee as they work out. Sharon tells Adama that the Cylons hate the humans because humanity never asked itself why it deserved to survive, and perhaps they don’t.

Currently, someone’s done quite a bit of research into the Cylons–a woman we’ve never seen before whose husband (boyfriend?) was killed after the Cylons attacked Galactica. She knows that Sharon is alive on Galactica’s brig, something confirmed by a radio broadcast.

Adama is called up on the carpet by the President, because news of Sharon’s existence is now public. Adama says she’s a military asset. Billy advises the President on how to deal with the public in regards to Sharon, and then runs off and gives his debate team ring to Dee, tells her he loves her, and essentially proposes. Dee says she can’t marry him. She gives him back the ring.(Oh wait, no, I think I know which episode this is! Oh no oh no oh no!!)

Dee and Lee are at a bar somewhere, and Dee looks fantastic. She tells Lee what happened, and that she can’t marry Billy, but doesn’t know what to make of her and Lee, either. At the same bar, Ellen Tigh bumps into our woman researching the Cylons from earlier. Majorly

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present, our villain!

ominous music starts to play.

Credits! We’re going to need a name for the woman researching the Cylons, so let’s go with WRTC.

Back at the bar, Billy shows up and things get awkward quickly. Billy comes to the conclusion that Lee and Dee are together, and he gets angry. He thinks Dee should have told him that she was seeing Lee, and she storms off. We keep seeing WRTC, who Lee has noticed, and he asks Ellen about her. Ellen hasn’t seen her before, but Lee sees that WRTC has a gun, and then Lee gets Ellen into the bathroom. (Ellen, always the optimist, thinks they’re going to get freaky. Oh, Ellen.)

So after some ominous drums, WRTC and a few thuggish-looking friends lock the bar down, and order everyone up against the bar. Oh dear!

Adama’s talking to Sharon, getting navigation advice. Sharon wants to know whether the fleet knows she’s on Galactica. Adama tells her the fleet knows and sends her away.

Back at the bar, Lee and Ellen are in the bathroom, and Lee’s trying to find a way out. Ellen thinks she can talk to WRTC and her friends, so she leaves the bathroom. Ellen calls Galactica, says that she’s been taken hostage. Before she can get more than that out, WRTC grabs the phone, NAMES HERSELF–Sesha Abinell–and says that she’s holding everyone in the Cloud Nine Lounge (so that’s where we are) hostage until they give her Sharon.

We find out that Sesha’s husband was indeed killed 10 weeks ago when the Cylons attacked a freighter. Luckily, half the damn cast is already on Cloud Nine–Starbuck’s there on R&R, and there’s a bunch of Marines as well. Also, you know, Lee and Ellen and Dee and Billy. Lee has snuck into what I’m calling the “backstage” of the ship, armed with Ellen’s dry ice-laden beverage, and is attempting to trigger an oxygen sensor. Out front, they realize Lee’s missing and go searching in the bathroom. Lee pops out out of nowhere and takes the guy looking for him hostage. Meanwhile, somewhere else on Cloud Nine, Starbuck is meeting with some of Galactica’s Marines (everyone’s in civilian clothes, it’s vaguely amusing.)

Lee comes out of the bathroom, using his hostage as a shield. Sesha remembers that Dee and Lee were together, so Goon 2 (Goon 1 currently acting as Lee’s hostage) takes aim at Dee. Lee surrenders his hostage and gun to protect Dee.

Just then, a migraine-inducing beeping goes off–Lee’s oxygen sensor has finally gone off.

Sesha calls Adama, tells him that they’re running out of oxygen. Adama says fine, you’re all gonna die. Sesha says that the military’s being played, that they’ve been infiltrated by a Cylon, and the fleet doesn’t approve. Send in one person to fix the oxygen, that’s it.

Adama tells Tigh that they can’t give them Sharon. Tigh reminds Adama that it’s not Sharon, it’s a Cylon, a machine. Adama takes a call from Starbuck, who says the oxygen’s fine, so use it as a recon mission. Starbuck volunteers to go in, disguised as the repairman.

Starbuck shooting

So much for recon ““ her cover’s blown. Starbuck pulls out two guns and starts shooting, and the rest of the Marines rush it. Starbuck shoots Lee in the chest/shoulder! Also, Goons 1 is down, as are two Marines. The remaining Marines and Starbuck escape, and Dee orders Billy to bring shirts and towels to make a bandage for Lee’s gunshot wound. When Goon 3 tells Billy he’s not allowed to move, Billy points out that if Lee dies, Adama’s not going to listen to them at all. Billy is allowed to fetch bandages.

Starbuck calls Adama to report–two Marines (shot or killed, I’m not sure) at least one gunman down…and Lee. Starbuck reports that Lee was hit by friendly fire, possibly by Starbuck.

Dee is trying to stop Lee’s bleeding. Lee is conscious, sort of. Mostly?

Adama goes down to talk to Sharon. Sharon once again has to plead her case, to point out that she’s saved everyone’s life multiple times. At the same time, she won’t tell him who the other Cylons in the fleet are.

Billy gets to chatting with Goon 3, who informs Billy that Sesha’s husband was his brother.

On the helm, President Roslin, Tigh and Adama are weighing their options. Roslin refuses to negotiate with terrorists; Tigh wonders if Sharon is indeed trustworthy.

Sesha calls, informs Adama that Lee’s alive, and then hauls Ellen up and prepares to execute her. Adama says that they’re going to give her the Cylon, but she won’t be alive.

Commander Adama, a guerny, and a number of Marines board Cloud Nine. Starbuck curled up in a corner, asks to help, but Adama turns her down.

Billy’s eyeing Goon 2, and Dee knows he’s thinking he can get Goon 2’s gun. Dee says that Billy’s not a soldier, and he shouldn’t try.

The guerney is rolled in, and the cover drawn back–it’s Boomer’s body, not PreggySharonInTheBrig’s body. Sesha shoots it in the face a

Dead Boomer.
This is not the Sharon you're looking for.

few times anyway. Goon 3 realizes that the corpse they’ve been given has been dead for weeks. Sesha gives the order to kill Dee, and as Goon 3 takes aim, Billy jumps up, steals Goon 2’s gun, and shoots Goon 3, who immediately shoots back, KILLING BILLY. Marines rush in, killing the remaining Goon and Sesha.

The medics are rushing around Lee, while Dee sobs over Billy, who is beyond help by now.

In the morgue, Adama and Roslin contemplate Boomer’s corpse. Roslin leaves to go sit with Billy’s body and sobs herself, straightening his hair.

Lee, happily, is in sick bay, not the morgue. Dee tells him he can’t leave, he has to stay. Starbuck watches silently in the distance and walks away. Dee will be there when Lee wakes up.

In the brig, Sharon is alive and pregnant. So that’s good at least.

Let’s all pour one out for Billy, shall we? He will be missed.

Poor Billy.
Oh Billy. You shall be missed.

Thanks to MonChiChi for the fantastic screencaps!

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I was so excited to read this comment, and was also kicking myself for not noticing, but according to the BSG wiki, Goon 2 is not a Cylon. His name is George Chu, apparently (though I couldn’t find that at all in the episode itself.) While he looks an awful lot like Doral, the Cylon I think you’re mistaking him for (or, at least, the only white brown-haired Cylon dude we’ve met), they’re different people.

Here’s George Chu and here’s Doral for comparison’s sake.

Whaaaaaat? I may have to watch this episode again, because he looks EXACTLY like Doral. That picture of George Chu looks nothing like the guy I saw on my screen.

I roll to disbelieve that he’s not a Cylon. Even if IMDB also says that the actor was not in that episode.

They even had the same mannerisms!

I might watch it again too (when I write the recaps, I’m usually typing while I’m watching, which results in not quite seeing every single thing on screen.) When I first saw your comment, my immediate thought was definitely “OMG SHE’S RIGHT!” but I was at work and couldn’t verify it. I am also notoriously BAD with faces, so I am very much not the best person to judge this.

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