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Ladyghosts of TV Past: Battlestar Galactica, Episode 2.13, “Epiphanies”

Welcome back to BSG! Before we get into this week’s episode, I have to implore all of you to watch Portlandia, because they’re apparently dedicating an entire episode this season to Battlestar Galactica. While a trailer was released a few days ago, the episode itself hasn’t aired yet, but I expect it will be pretty full of spoilers, if that’s something you’re concerned about. Speaking of spoilers, let’s get to the recap!

Laura Roslin spends a lot of this episode having various flashbacks.

Previously on Battlestar Galactica, Gaius Baltar is vice president, Helo is first in Sharon’s heart, Baltar is helping FormerlyImprisonedSix to escape, and Doc Cottle is telling President Roslin that she’s got a month left to live. Okay. Enough with the present-tense verbs.

We open the episode with a flashback of Laura Roslin, six months ago, when she finds out she has metastasized breast cancer. Back in the present, Laura’s on a stretcher, but still thinking of when she first found out. After getting the diagnosis, she meets with a teachers’ representative, and while walking outside, seeing Gaius Baltar walking with Six. Back in the present, she’s in Galactica’s sick bay, and Doc Cottle wants to make her as comfortable as possible.

Oh, hey credits! Only 3 minutes in, really? You’re early!

And now we’re in outer space, where Cat is hassling Starbuck. Cat, while “clearing her guns” (is that a thing?) blows her port gun, cracking the windshield of Starbuck’s Viper, and seriously damaging her own ship. They get back to Galactica safely, when we find out that several of the huge bullets the Viper guns use have been sabotaged. Frak.

Down in sickbay, Cottle informs Adama that the president is dying. Roslin is still thinking of the day she was diagnosed. She meets with President Adar, and advocates for some teachers, who are apparently on strike. Adar tells her that one of the most interesting things about being president is not having to explain yourself to anyone. In current day, Adama and Baltar are at Roslin’s sick bed, and Doc Cottle tells them that there’s something damned odd about the genetic makeup of Sharon’s baby. Roslin tells them that the Cylon pregnancy must be terminated. Both Adama and Baltar object, and Roslin says, as Adar once did, that she doesn’t have to explain herself.

Away from sick bay, Baltar and Adama debate Roslin’s order, and Adama tells Baltar that, as he’s going to be president of the Colonies soon (oh, right, Baltar’s VP!) he needs to act like he can handle making tough decisions. Head Six appears, for the first time in a long time. Head Six had been away while Baltar was befriending ImprisonedSix, but she’s back and worried about their child. Head Six suggests that Baltar use the nuclear warhead he was given at the beginning of the series, for research purposes. How he use it, she didn’t say.

Helo somehow doesn't lose his cool as Adama tells him his child is going to be killed.

Oh dear. Adama informs Helo (He Who Is Hot Hot) that the president has decided that Sharon’s pregnancy will be terminated. This will end well, I’m sure. Allowing the baby to come to full term is an unacceptable risk to the fleet. Helo points out that Sharon’s saved them, over and over again. Helo tells Adama that if Sharon hasn’t been told yet, he should be the one to do it. Helo really is the best.

On the bridge, Tigh is being updated re: the sabotaged ammunition, and is not pleased. Lee has been tasked with finding out who did this. Lee and Starbuck head down to the munitions factory that’s apparently been aboard Galactica this whole time (which, I might add, is something I’ve been wondering ““ where are they getting all this ammo etc from?) and they go to question a woman named Asha Janik who, as soon as Lee shows up, she starts ranting about how some people have declared war against Galactica, and that the Cylons are not the enemy, the military is, because they refuse to negotiate. All she wants is peace, and she’s lead out by some Marines. Pamphlets are found in Janik’s quarters, with the words DEMAND PEACE emblazoned on the cover. Adama is willing to meet with a representative of the movement.

President Roslin’s mind is wandering again, and she’s talking to the representative of the striking teachers, trying to hammer out a compromise. Adama meets with Royhan Jahee, to find out more about the “subversives.” Jahee wants peace with the Cylons, asks how the current military strategy will ever result in peace, and gets arrested and thrown in the brig. Lee and Starbuck go through Janik’s belongings, when they find a piece of electronic equipment that apparently indicates that there’s a bomb on a tillium refinery ship, the Daru Mozu.

In the brig, Helo, being a remarkably upstanding dude, is telling Sharon about what Roslin has decided. Sharon is absolutely furious. She headbutts the glass wall repeatedly, causing Marines to rush in and take her away.

As Lee and a team of Marines head over to the Daru Mozu, a suicide bomber detonates her bomb, damaging the ship and killing people. Adama questions SOMEONE ELSE, who says this is the first of many acts to come if Galactica doesn’t start negotiating. Adama responds by choking him and ordering him to stop.

On Colonial One, Billy is giving Baltar a tour of his soon-to-be office, and gives Baltar a “first day in office advice” letter written by Roslin.

Baltar gets a phone call and leaves, and then meets with FormerlyImprisonedSix, who I’m officially renaming BrunetteSix. BrunetteSix has joined the

BrunetteSix! You were going to be GlassesSix, but then you took off your glasses. Well done biting Baltar.

peace movement. Baltar starts to kiss her, despite many protestations on her part, and she shoves him away. (Ah. We are now done with that brief period when Baltar was respectable human being. Order has returned to the galaxy.) BrunetteSix tells Baltar that she has advice that will save him, and tells him that, once he is president, he can separate the fleet from the military, and the Cylons will then save the non-military fleet. Baltar, staring at the blood on his fingers (Six bit him) and some molecule diagram drawings he’s been doing, has a realization that we’ll find out more about in a moment. To Six right now, he says that he’s not who she thinks he is, and he will not be responsible for the destruction of mankind (again).

In Roslin’s head, we find out she was sleeping with Adar, and that he was about to force her to resign because she brokered a compromise between the teachers and the government. Roslin’s not doing well, and Adama asks the entire fleet to pray for the president.

Marines come in to take Sharon away, with a nurse with a syringe. Sharon grabs a chair and puts up one hell of a fight, but she’s outnumbered.

Completely fake science to the rescue!

Adama leads the way as Sharon’s taken to sick bay, where they run into Helo, who makes a last-ditch effort to save the fetus’ life. Baltar runs in out of nowhere, and has realized that, long sciencey-wiencey story short, the blood of a Cylon-human cures cancer. Quickly. So they draw some blood from the fetus, and inject into President Roslin. Cottle voices his objections: unnatural and damned dangerous! Baltar points out that, seeing how sick Roslin is, there isn’t much downside. Roslin flashes back again to her settling the strike, and this time sees Gaius making out with Six. In sick bay, Roslin has some sort of seizure, and then, within two days, is cancer-free. Because, much like Gretchen Wiener’s hair, Cylon-human blood is full of secrets. Seriously, within two days, she’s making policy decisions and meeting with the leader of the peace movement. She’ll meet with him and hear their demands, provided the violence stops immediately.

Baltar is smoking a celebratory cigar in his lab while chatting with Head Six. He opens the letter Roslin wrote when she thought she was dying and Baltar would become president. Her letter is, well, a bit insulting. Gaius now thinks that Roslin is never really going to trust him. So he meets with Jahee and gives him a case to bring back to BrunetteSix. Apparently, it’s literally a suitcase nuclear weapon.

No, really. It's a nuclear weapon. In a suitcase.

Thanks again to the fantastic MonChiChi for the screencaps!

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