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Lunchtime Poll: American Idol

It’s that time of year again. American Idol has taken over the airwaves. I can’t help it, I love this frickin’ show. It’s something I’m a little embarrassed about, but I can’t help it, I like watching people sing. I am also happy to see that this season is going light on the train-wreck auditions. That is the only part of the AI experience that I have never liked. 

So, love it or hate it? And to all of our readers not living in the States, what is your local equivalent, and how do you feel about it?

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I love this show. I don’t purposely seek it out, but it never fails that I get stuck on it somehow anyway. The dready mama, Crystal Bowersox, is my all time fave, but I don’t think I’ve ever liked the pop that any of the winners are forced to put out. I liked Jason Castro too, but his cd was just awful. (Another dready; I’m sensing a theme, here.) I also love the connection the personal stories give the audience to the contestants. This is, by far, the biggest money making aspect of the show.

I was a recording industry minor in college, so it’s fun to watch the judges spout off traditional expectations about being the “full package,” needing to “connect with the audience,” etc., when we all know that if one of these people can sing, it’s all over. Period. The end. The major labels are dying, and since someone has found a way to continue to make money off of it, more power to them. I’ll keep watching.

I used to watch every year. I always skipped the auditions, after the first season, b/c they just seem needlessly mean. Seriously, America doesn’t need another outlet to be an asshole.

I can’t remember which season I watched last, maybe the one where the nice man with the gray hair that sang classic rock, yet looked like my dentist, won?

I will cut someone if they get between me and So You Think You Can Dance, so I don’t judge anyone for liking Idol.

I keep waiting for this show to end but it’s been around SO LONG now I’m afraid it will never die.

It will just zombie and start roaming around eating children. It already devours hopes and dreams so why not?

It has already proved to everyone that the system doesn’t pick the best singer – hell, sometimes, it doesn’t even pick the best personality.

But I will tell you this. You can have my Kelly Pickler CD when I am dead and buried and rotting in my grave. But only then. I love that girl so much. She is adorable. (and she didn’t even win! wtf)

I have never once (voluntarily*) watched American Idol.

*I have too many friends that adore it such that I have been suckered into watching “just the last five minutes!!” before being able to wrangle said friend’s attention away from the TV.

I’m over it.  Every year they say “this is the best season yet!” and every year since Carrie Underwood won, they’ve been wrong.

Not that there haven’t been a few good singers unearthed…but it’s more of a machine now than anything else.  My DVR automatically tapes, but I think I’m going to stop it.  I’m just not that into it anymore – and I haven’t been for a while.

My singing show is The Sing-Off.  I am a harmony junkie (to an unhealthy degree – even auto-tuned harmonies get to me), and the Sing-Off is ‘that good *ish”.  They do their own arrangements and choreo, and have awesome voices for the most part.  But then again, I’ve also lost whole afternoons to college a capella groups on YouTube.

I love The Sing Off too!  I’m also an a capella junkie and not only is the music amazing, but I appreciate the genuine positivity and intelligent critiques that come from the judging panel.  I loved it most as a holiday special, and I hope that if the show gets to come back after this season’s foundering ratings, that it can go back to being The Little December Show That Could.

Also: Pentatonix!  <3 <3 <3

It was so very awesome as a holiday special!  I mean – the finale recap became the theme to my Christmas parties for the last 3 years!

Pentatonix are 5 sides of awesome – no doubt.  Avi’s hair was so lovely.  And Kevin’s skills are crazy.  And then 3 19-yr-old leads?! bwuh?! Their arrangements were amazing.

My faves though are Committed and Afro Blue.  In fact, it is now my wish that Committed and Afro Blue will get married and have little a cappella babies.  Their ‘Ooh, Child’  was quite lovely.

But I think my all-time fave performance just might be the Beelzebubs’ Beatles Medley.  Their “Magical Mystery Tour” finale still stands out in my mind >3 years later. [They made a freaking bus with their bodies!]


I stopped voting when the plastic fembot “won” over Bo Bice and I stopped watching for good when Adam Lambert was voted off.

IMO, it’s obvious 12-year old girls and skeevy producers really decide who wins.  I’ll take my two nights of television and go elsewhere.

I love Idol. Every year, I swear I’m just watching the auditions and not developing any favorites because my hopes are always crushed. And every year, I tune in, develop a favorite, and end up sticking with the show for the entire season. I’m already getting sucked in this year.

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