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Lunchtime Poll: Assembling Furniture

In our ongoing efforts to get our home more organized, I have been taking advantage of all the organizational stuff that goes on sale after New Year’s. This is very exciting for me, because I freaking love to assemble furniture. It’s like a really big puzzle, and when you’re done you have a new bookcase. I like it so much that it brought about the following conversation between me and my son:

SaraB: Can I ask you a weird question?
Boy: (warily*) Yeah.
S: Do you like putting together furniture?
B: (relieved) Yeah.
S: Do you really like it, or do you just not mind doing it?
B: I like doing it.
S: I ask because we have these new shelves for your room and I don’t want to be all selfish and do it all by myself if you want to do some too.
B: (smiles kind of pityingly) It’s OK, Mom; you can do it yourself.

The Boy and I might like assembling things, but my mother and Mr. B both hate it. My mom gets stressed out about the whole process and the Mister hates reading directions, so he always has to undo things that he put together upside down or out of order.

What about you? Do you like to assemble, or would you rather leave it to someone else?

*He had good reason to be wary; I’ve asked him some really weird questions. From his perspective, I could have been about to launch into a talk about sex or drugs, or I could be wondering what it would be like to have a pet monkey.

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Mr Cesy and I fight over who gets to put what together, so we tend to do it separately from each other. I put together all our bookshelves while he was at work, he put together our room divider while I was drunk and had realised I probably shouldn’t be involved with sharp tools and heavy pieces of wood.

Mum had a garage full of old furniture that we helped her refurnish, that was always fun. Wish I had time to trawl auctions now for a piece of furniture that just needs some TLC.

I’m absolutely the designated builder of the house. My mother-in-law freaked when we told her we weren’t paying to have the delivery guys assemble our daughter’s crib; I had to reassure her that I’d do it, not her son. Hell, I installed her car seat when I was 8 1/2 months pregnant because I didn’t trust him to do it right. I love putting stuff together; I used to help my dad with woodworking and did some theater scenery-building.

*love* putting together furniture; in fact, at last count (when i finished assembling the newest bookcase in the living room), there are at least 15 pieces in our apartment i’ve built, more if you include the patio set.  we have quite the collection of hex wrenches at this point.  :)

I’m an assembler by default.  I live by myself for the most part, and when I moved in, I had to assemble stuff or risk letting my father try, which leads to a lot of frustration and yelling on both our parts. My sister, on the other hand, gets a perverse pleasure from assembling, while it’s just a task to be completed for me.



I LOVE putting together furniture – but only when the instructions are reliable and easily decipherable. I have three Billy bookcases in my office that we bought when I was in the middle of endlessly agonising over writing my doctoral dissertation, and I really enjoyed putting them together, probably because it was like the opposite of writing a dissertation: precise instructions, a couple hours of manual work, and almost-instant gratification.

Yes to all. It’s like a little break from normal and clear directions are the best. We have been laughing about the completely non-verbal Ikea directions. Their illustrations are actually more helpful than a lot of the badly translated instructions I’ve had to muddle through. And the little instruction man is hilarious. The Boy is particularly tickled by his super-long phone cord that plugs straight into the Ikea store.

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