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Lunchtime Poll: Cookies

All I want to do is make and eat cookies right now. I am in full-on Cookie Monster mode, and I can’t stop thinking about what cookies I want to make and then consume in obscene quantities. Since we love food so much here, tell me what cookie  you wish was in your lunchbox today?

I am torn between the maple cookies they sell at Duane Reade and these toffee cookie bars with chocolate on top that my boyfriend made for Christmas. Oh man. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. So what about you, readers? Homemade or store-bought? Chocolatey or no? Traditional or something different? What cookies do you want to eat?! Anyone else wishing they could do it up Cookie Monster-style today?

By Luci Furious

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After all the Girl Scout Cookie stuff yesterday, I really want a box of Thin Mints. They are my favorites. And it’s funny you should say you are in Cookie Monster mode, because I am wearing my Cookie Monster robe today. It’s furry and blue and makes me appear twice my normal size (so as to scare away potential cookie predators). I plan to model it on the blogger fashion runway this summer.

I have a weird soft spot for sugar wafers. They’re like, light airy cookie-like rectangles with a smidgen of frosting (and by frosting I mean corn syrupy saccharine stuff) sandwiched between them.

Like, nothing beats a homemade cookie, but store bought stuff makes me think of being a smaller Caitlinface. What’s really good is this variant on icebox cake that’s done with chocolate chip cookies and Cool Whip, but that’s another story.

Also, dear God is it Girl Scout cookie season yet. I crave Thin Mints.

It is, It is!  My source is getting me four boxes.  For me.  If my roommates so much as LOOK at my Girl Scout cookies, I will probably have to set somebody on fire as a warning.  I’m typically a pretty good sharer, but not with GS cookies.  It’s so nice to just eat them and not have to sell them for months!

my grandmother’s fig cookies – like teeny turnovers with fig filling.  i haven’t made them in a million years, because it reminds me how much i miss her – but maybe tonight would be a good night to make a batch, and remember awesome sleepovers at her house, and making cookies with her, in her kitchen with the avocado green stove and braided rug.  so, apparently, sentiment, not chocolate, is the prime motivator in my cookie choice.

I wish I could make some of my amazing coconut-walnut-chocolate chip cookies. They’re huge and delicious and when I used to make them at my dad’s coffeehouse some of my friends would literally follow me into the kitchen and steal them off the tray as I was pulling them out of the oven. Or I could go for some oatmeal butterscotch cookies. I will instead eat the double chocolate cookies I got at Sam’s Club yesterday, which are surprisingly good.

I want all the cookies. But for real, my cafeteria makes the most awesome chocolate chip cookies.  They’re super delicious and huge.  I only get one every 6-8weeks or so in an attempt to eat well and not lose all my money on cookies.  But they are super tasty.


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