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Lunchtime Poll: Jigsaw Puzzles

I have fond memories of jigsaw puzzles. Any time my whole family got together, there would be one sitting on a table off to the side where people could either sit for a few hours and work or just look for a piece or two while passing by. I was at Target the other day and a pretty puzzle caught my eye. It is now set up on the table, where me and the kids can either sit down and work on it for a while, or give it a look while passing by. I’m loving the nostalgia.

A few days ago, my mother and her gentleman friend stopped by. While I was happily puzzling away, he commented that he was glad his kids were all grown, because now there would be no hurt feelings if he never did another jigsaw puzzle ever again.

Where do you fall? Love ’em or hate ’em?

My new puzzle is very pink. It is a challenge.

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I was snowed in last week with my four year old son.  We finished our first large puzzle together and it was really very special to me.  Puzzles were something, like many here, that I shared with my mother and grandmother growing up.  It would make me insanely happy if my son someday did puzzles with his children.

I love puzzles, but with a toddler around I can’t work on real ones because she would take them apart and lose the pieces. I downloaded a jigsaw program on my computer that I love and I have a few different puzzle apps that are fun too. My sister and I made a few 3D puzzles back in the day; i think the Millenium Falcon still looms over my childhood bedroom.

I love puzzles. I always used to do them at my grandmother’s who had a permanent puzzle table. Her mother used to have one too on her porch and the postman would stop and put a couple of pieces in every day. Of course, I’m a puzzle light-weight. I like the ones with really complicated pictures so you can tell exactly where each piece belongs.

My guy and I recently finished our first puzzle together. It took me a little convincing to get him to do it with me but he ended up loving it and it turned out to be a really fun thing we could both do while watching movies or eating breakfast together! I don’t think he had ever done a large jigsaw puzzle before but as a kid, I completed several with my grandma. We actually had a special card table set up in the living room just for our puzzles. Doing puzzles with my grandma is one of the best memories I have of us together and I hope my fiance and I will grow old doing them together.

I adore puzzles. I wish I had a place I could have one set up at all times without having to be fanatically careful about covering them up from the cats (they looove to be helpful with all those little pieces!). I probably own too many of them and when I tried to winnow them down a month or so ago I only got rid of about 3-5. There will be phases where I will put together puzzle after puzzle for weeks and then not touch them for a year. Usually I stick to 750-1000 pieces and get fanatically into organizing the pieces and laying them out by shapes of pieces – it can get a little OCD. I just got this gorgeous puzzle (only 500 pieces but so shiny!) I’m really looking forward to putting together when I get over my latest passion du jour. Only one table!

I haven’t done any in forever, but my mom and I always used to when I was a kid. Like massive or really complex puzzles. I loved them. I think we stopped mostly because it was hard to find one that we didn’t finish in a few days. That, and what do you do with a puzzle once you’re done with it??

I can answer this with a hearty ”meh.” I don’t go out of my way to work puzzles, but I’ll usually help if someone else is doing one. However, in my house of cats, puzzles are rare. Cats love to work puzzles! And by work puzzles, I obviously mean bat the pieces around until they fall off the table and the dogs carry the off, and then lay on top of the rest.

I didn’t grow up in a puzzle family, but I have a few friends who have the running puzzle set up, so I decided to pick one up over the holidays. But I kind of got in over my head. I got this one because it was pretty: But it’s a thousand pieces. And I suck at puzzles.

I’ve got the border all done and the signature and one flower, but I just can’t seem to progress from there.

After getting the edges done and the big signature areas, the best way I moved forward was to look for the shapes I needed. I made up little codes to help focus like “double loop one side” or “loop-tight corner-loop.” And sorted from there.  If it was possible, I’d work on smaller signature areas individually and then incorporate them into the main puzzle later. Things like eyes, faces, smaller bursts of flowers, color groups – could all be put together separately. And this would help get them out of the main mess of unused pieces. A little like a filter.

…I’ve been doing puzzles for a long time…

I love them. I wish I had a large space or surface that I could do one on, because the ones that are the most fun are the super huge and complicated ones. However those take a long time and unfortunately someplace to put them. Until then, I have jigsaw puzzles on the computer, which helps but isn’t the same.

My guy wanted one of the oldschool Lego castle sets for his birthday one year. And then we went to visit my sister and her kids for a few days and all he did was play Legos with them all weekend. He even kept going after they went to bed! I must admit, I still love them too.

I love them: I like to do them while watching TV. I actually need to move this 2000 piece puzzle I started during the US Open and haven’t finished since I stopped watching TV after it ended (also because my room is better heated than the living room). I need to clean my room and set it up so I can watch netflix while working on it.

I really want to work on one of those 10,000 piece ones someday.

I used to work in a game store that had a huge selection of jigsaw puzzles. We had a carpenter come in and buy the super-huge Sistine Chapel puzzle (I think when it was completed it was about 4′ x 8′, like a sheet of plywood). When he was done, he glued it together and mounted it in a recess he had built into his bedroom ceiling over his bed. It was pretty epic.

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