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Lunchtime Poll: One Food Forever

Happy Tuesday, Persephoneers! How are your collective days shaping up? We’ve got a great day in store for you, so let’s kick it off with a fun LTP, shall we? 

If you could only eat one main dish, one side dish, one dessert and drink one beverage for the rest of your days, what would they be?

For me, it’s grilled cheese, mac & cheese, cheesecake and Diet Coke. That probably because it’s impossible to make a drink out of cheese.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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Lemon gelato will clean the palate from any meal, so it’s an excellent choice for dessert.  I love it.  Especially with berries.

And I can totally get down with the Greek salad sans  olives.  I don’t believe in olives.  They do not exist in my world.  Olive oil is a miracle.

This is tough b/c I love food so much. It’s like choosing which of my pets I love best.

any combination of the following: pierogies (homemade, prefereably by church-ladies— they make them best), stewed tomatoes, refrigerator pickles, hot chocolate cupcakes, and blackberry iced tea.

This was hard since I just came back from lunch and am rather full….

Main dish: Vegetable tikka masala

Side dish: cucumber/tomato/onion/cilantro salad with lemon juice and sunflower sprouts

Dessert is easy: My mom’s cheese pie with blackberries on top. (see attached for mouthwatering photo)

Drink: Ginger ale with lime and blackberries.

I think that I would truly eat this every day, and enjoy it.

Main dish: BBQ country pork ribs

Side dish: cilantro and lime coleslaw, rolls, fresh green beans, and strawberries

Dessert: Chocolate cake with peanut butter moose and chocolate ganache.

Drink: A good beer of some sort. I can’t pick one right now.

I’m dreaming of not-winter today.

Main dish: Grilled salmon fillet with lime wedges

Side dish: Steamed veggie blend (edamame, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, and kale) on brown rice

Dessert: Fresh fruit in plain soy yogurt with honey

Drink: Black tea with a single drop of almond milk

Oh man, this is tough!

Main dish: Kraft mac n’ cheese, tuna and pea casserole (don’t knock it till you try it!)

Side dish: veg risotto

Dessert: ice cream with chocolate and caramel sauce

Drink: iced tea – I LOVE Coke Zero, but it doesn’t quench my thirst, so I have to go with iced tea.

If you could only eat one main dish, one side dish, one dessert and drink one beverage for the rest of your days, what would they be?

Super cheese and veg risotto, bread rolls and butter, obscenely chocolatey chocolate cake and peppermint tea. Nom nom nom.


Oh man. My tastes vary so much. This is hard.

So, I’ll so with something like:

Roast Chicken, Vegetable Pot Pie, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Hardy Beer (none of this “lite” crap).

I think that would cover everything. Also, I am now INCREDIBLY hungry.

(would kefir be like a cheese drink? or is it too much like yogurt?)


Main dish – something with pasta.  I’m not picky.

Side dish – broccoli salad, with apples and walnuts and sunflower seeds. Want. Now.

Dessert – chocolate ice cream

Beverage – Diet Coke, but only because I couldn’t drink vodka all the time.


This list may or may not be influenced by the fact that I’m bloody starving.


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