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Monday Night Flashback OT: 1980something

My most recent guilty pleasure has been old television series on Netflix. I’m working my way through Thirtysomething, which debuted when I was in the seventh grade. it was one of the many “adult” shows I was allowed to watch long before I was an adult myself. Thirtysomething is where I was first introduced to Timothy Busfield of West Wing fame (all hail, CJ’s boyfriend). I also remember watching St. Elsewhere, Moonlighting, and HIll Street Blues.  What television shows do you remember staying up late to watch, only to look back and wonder– should I have really been watching that?

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Late 70s, 80s blurs together for me.  But I remember staying up late to watch Barney Miller and Sanford & Son, and I absolutely loved Night Court.

The only hour-long shows I associate with my high school years are Dallas, Knots Landing  and Dynasty. 

Growing up, Friday nights were family TV time–remember TGIF?  Full House, Family Matters, Step By Step, and all the rest?  But really, exciting part happened on the nights when my parents would doze off so I could stay up to watch the next show that came on that channel: 20/20.  Lord knows it was entirely inappropriate, and I’m sure I didn’t understand at least half of what they were talking about, but watching Barbara Walters, John Stossel, and the rest of the gang made me feel ever so grown up.

It’s funny, they don’t have that effect on me today.

That is awesome! My grandma bought us a giant Alf doll that moved his mouth and told you a story when you put a tape a hidden pocket on his back. We loved that thing and we played with it all the time. Well, I went home last month for a visit and I was surprised to see that my grandma still has that Alf doll and it still works 20+ years later! Now her great-grandchildren play with it. :)

90s or 80s? It’s all a blur to me. Shows I watched: Rosanne, Married with Children, Simpsons, Family Matters, Who’s the Boss, The Wonder Years, Saved by the Bell, The Nanny (I love Fran Drescher!), and COPS. Oh, and who remembers The Dinosaurs? It was a good time to be a kid. TV was relatively wholesome and family based. Now it’s all drugs, crime, terrorism and Survivor Island. (Yes, I lumped those all together purposely in ascending order of horror.)

My parents had no problem with us watching all kinds of grisly cop dramas, but if there was a hint of a swear word or even a bit of sensuality/sexuality, there was a blanket ban on the show. Since most shows aimed at younger/adolescent audiences are heavy on the sensuality (y’know, so teens can relate or something) and light on the other stuff, I basically grew up on shit like Law and Order. Nightmares for days about stuff I saw in that, but somehow they considered it more age appropriate.

For many years, my bedtime was 9 pm. All the good shows like Chicago Hope, ER and CSI started at 8.30. I got to watch half then sent to bed. It was made all the more infuriating by the fact my bedroom was right by the lounge, so I could hear the muffled TV sounds, but could never find out what happened at the end.

Oh man, I watched so much inappropriate TV as a kid.  I watched Married With Children when I was probably 9 or 10, which I was technically not allowed to due to the rampant misogyny, but I did anyway. Also In Living Color.  I used to watch ER in middle school, too.  For movies I remember that Speed was my first parent-sanctioned R-rated movie and I saw it when I was 12, but I am pretty sure there were more before that.

Ugh. I’m sorry.

The whole fair sequence is really upsetting — distributing naked pictures of a woman taken without her consent, tricking her into sex, the whole sheebang.

I am sort of curious if those sequences would be included if the movie had been made now — there’s been a lot of strides made in the last 30 years.

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