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Monday Night’s Flashback OT: The Ice Capades

Happy Monday, Persephoneers! This past weekend I got to indulge in a bit of nostalgia– my Girl Scout went to her first Disney On Ice show with her troop. Back in the day (circa mid-’80s), my school’s Girl Scout program used to charter a school bus and travel a few towns over to see the Ice Capades every winter. 

Yesterday we didn’t charter a bus, we simply met at the arena. We didn’t see a variety show, but instead we saw three mini-Disney stories. And in true Disney fashion, it was over the top, jaw-dropping spectacular. Rapunzel and Eugene actually flew through the air, holding onto sheets of fabric. It was unbelievable. My daughter was filled with whim and fancy, and she’s now dreaming of becoming a figure skater. I’ve only attempted ice skating once in my life, and it didn’t go well. It was one of my first dates with Mr. Sally J, but that’s a whole different story.

Did you ever catch the Ice Capades when they were in your town (they folded in 1995)? Can you ice skate?

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Because most my peers can’t seem to handle that I’m sick (’cause I don’t look it?), I’m just going to leave this here:

My prescriptions today: only $469.65! *sobs*

I can’t wait to graduate student loans disperse, so that I can pay off my medical debt with my education debt.

Seriously, I’ve been back for a week and my medical bill (FOR A WEEK) has been 2800.00…. DOLLARS. That’s like… my entire semesters loans.

There’s no unfucking this one, kids.

I have faaaairrrrrly good ins. I just am currently repaying my deductible. And my OBGYN (with whom I’ve had to do my most recent procedures) is out of network, but because she just so happens to be literate in my disease, I can’t leave her! (Also, I think trust between ESPECIALLY THIS SORT of dr is SO important.)

Either way, it’s tough because I pay upfront then my insurance reimburses me. So I have to front it ALL. Blergh. Thanks for listening =)

Awe, I just had a wonderful memory of my dad taking me up to Chicago (5 hr drive?) to go to Stars On Ice when it starred everyone awesome and ice skating was the coolest Olympic sport to watch.

My dad sure has done a lot of stupid shit, but dammit if he wasn’t a sucker for some ice skating and daughter time.

I had to avoid skating, skiing, and other sports on slick surfaces due to some long standing knee injuries…

We just get the evening to drink together – that’s what I get for living in my home city:) Though the only other people in my friends’ circles who are married are (a) American or (b) living with illness that made marriage a good idea legally and financially, so maybe they’re the anomaly for the moment….

As requested, my duty to Humanity:

The Lesbian Creampuff.
(limited to stock on hand… which is actually a fair amount of things)

In a mug:
1 shot of Brandy
2 tablespoons Buttered Rum mix (my homemade blend)

Add hot water

Top with, and stir in,
Whip Cream.

Enjoy with your favorite lesbian shitasses. Naked, on a bear skin rug, next to a roaring fire. :)

Friend wants me to watch The Bachelor. The first three episodes “weeks” are on hulu so I’m diving in.


I have never seen this show before – it is scary shit.

If you think “Good things don’t end unless they end badly” or however Middle Part said it, then life is going to SUCK. You know what ends? Chocolate cake. It’s good. It ends. OMG. I will die.

Also, Lesbian Creampuff should really become a drink. I’ll craft a recipe by the end of the night.

This show is an HOUR AND A HALF?! I did not sign up for this.

And the front entrance looks like something from a home and garden show. It is not outside. It must be held inside a studio building.

Now I really need to make that drink.

And then go to bed.

Thank you! But it would be more of an account of WTF than live-blogging. This was my first episode ever and I’m still very confused.

Is it common for these women to be so blatantly coked up? Is this normal? The Cackling Blonde seemed coked out of her mind. And OMG, the blogger. Carrie Bradshaw would be ashamed of the bathroom crying.

… so, yeah, you’re right about needing to drink while watching this…

This is completely off-topic, but…

I think I whined on here when I pulled a muscle in my back a few weeks ago, right?

I don’t think it’s a pulled muscle.

I’ve known for a few years know that I’m at a high risk for ankylosing spondylitis, and I think it’s time to go get tested (they can’t test until symptoms really start to show up.)

I am giving my back one more week, and if it’s not better, I’m calling my doctor’s office and probably going to go get an MRI (I can’t take time off from work until after Feb 6 anyway unless it’s absolute emergency.)

It would be really great if I was wrong. I am slightly terrified and I feel really awkward sharing this, since I feel like I complain in here about medical stuff all the freakin’ time, but… my real-life people worry enough as it is. If it gets to the point where I talk to my doctor and we agree to do testing, then I will let them know, since I’ll need someone to drive me, but… yeah.  I just kind of needed to put my worries out there to the universe.

(psst! We don’t care if you go OT in the OT, we encourage it.)

That being said, I hope everything is okay. Back issues are horrible, I hope another week of taking good care of yourself will right it again. I know when I’ve pulled back muscles, it’s taken a LONG time to feel good again. We’re all here for you, regardless, even if only to make you laugh at our shenanigans.

Thanks. I am hoping that it is muscular, but I also know that I can’t tell the difference between muscle pain and nerve pain (considering that I thought my shingles was a pulled muscle, I don’t have a very good track record), and while there’s definitely some nerve pain going on elsewhere in my spine, I’m hoping it’s unrelated. And, hey, if it is AS, at least I know I’ll get the good drugs.

It is much better to get it checked out. I’m getting an MRI soon to see if my migraines are due to vasoconstriction, which would mean I can’t be on birth control because then I could have a stroke, which would be bad. But, it runs in the family, and I’d rather know before, you know, I have a stroke and the coroner figures out why.

Lisa, if it makes you feel better BOTH my mother and brother have it and both are on drugs for it and it’s not a death sentence by any means. The best thing you can do for it is to keep active (as much as you can, of course). The best my brother ever was was the summer he canoed every day.

On a related note, I have ulcerative colitis, which is a related disease although affecting totally different systems. One of the, at the time, most annoying things said to me that turned out to be the most helpful thing someone said to me was: “All I can tell you is that people adjust and you’ll go back to being as happy as you were before.” The mind is an amazing thing.

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