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My TV Wishes for 2012

It’s a New Year, and here are some of the things I would love to see happen in 2012, television-wise. 

Networks no longer hiring the children of politicians/journalists. When I see Jenna Bush Hager on the Today show, I cringe. I tremble. I regret turning on the television. She is just not a good fit, from the way she stumbles over reading her script to her inability to banter. I’m not saying this because of who her father is, either; both she and her sister Barbara seem like kind people who genuinely try to make a difference. But being nice isn’t a reason to have a high-profile spot on a morning news show. I think Chelsea Clinton is awesome too, and while it is admirable that she is donating the money she makes for reporting for NBC to charity, I can think of so many terrific journalists I met in grad school that would be a better fit. Those are all the positives; don’t get me started on Meghan McCain or Luke Russert.

A few shows being put out of their misery. I remember a time when I enjoyed The Office. There are still elements I find amusing, like Kelly Kapoor, but even before Michael Scott (aka Steve Carell) left last season, the show was lacking the same zany plots and antics that were once so hilarious. Now, it is limping along with boring story lines, so boring in fact that I literally cannot think of one, except Andy taking some of the crew to Gettysburg and acting a fool. Did it all go downhill when Jim and Pam finally got together? When Holly Flax came to the office? I don’t know, but let’s end this show before it becomes too cruel to keep it going.  

Other shows getting back on track. I’ve never been a Gleek, but I did like the first season of Glee. It has strayed so far from that place (which, at times, was bumpy, even then) that I can barely recognize this show. It could be that there are too many characters, or creator Ryan Murphy just has a way of screwing up shows that last more than one season, but it really needs to be stripped away with just the core remaining. Oh, and Naya Rivera needs a solo every episode.

New series being based in unexpected places. It seems like every. single. show. on. television. is based in New York City or Los Angeles. Enough! Let’s see what’s going on in other regions. Or, let’s go crazy and have some set in different countries. So many shows are filmed in Vancouver… Why don’t we have a show take place there, too?

Community staying alive. I feel like I should add a disclaimer that I don’t even really watch this show, which is odd because the few episodes I’ve seen I found pretty funny. But I know people who love this show, and because they are generally awesome and I trust them, I’ll throw this on the list.

Those are just a few of my wishes. What do you want to see happen in TV this year?

By Catherine

Catherine is a Southern California based freelance writer, whose work has appeared in everything from the New York Times to Entertainment Weekly. The highlight of her life (so far) was being featured on MSNBC for a story she wrote on Hello Kitty wines...she knew one day her love of all things HK would come in handy.

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I could totally get behind that. 100%.  Right now, Reed Between the Lines is the only sitcom with brown women that I even know about.  (But I love it.  Maybe it’s crazy saccharine sweet, but I just like seeing a functional, competent black family on tv.)

I’m really close to leaving Glee behind, and it gives me a sad, because I loved the SHIT out of the first part of the first season. I looked forward to it every stupid week. I stuck with it through the lackluster second season, but this season has been so terrible I just can’t even anymore.  The holiday episode actually made my teeth hurt, in between boring me to tears. Blaine, all on his own, might give me diabetes.

I’ve never watched the US version of The Office, I’m not a huge fan of uncomfortable humor, but everything I hear from friends who are fans is that it’s time for it to go quietly into that good night. I’ve heard the same about 30 Rock, another show I never got around to watching.

I like 2 Broke Girls more than I should, in spite of the obnoxious racism and rape jokes, both of which seem to have gotten a little better? Kat Demmings makes me laugh, and there’s a horse.

I want more shows for women like The Good Wife.

I think I like 2 Broke Girls more than I should, too…I really like the way the two female leads interact together and yes, there’s a horse! But sometimes the dialogue makes me cringe, and I am also uncomfortable with the same elements you brought up. I do think they might have gotten a little better, though. As for The Good Wife, I know so many people (including my mom and one of my sisters) who love the show, and I keep saying I need to give it a try but I keep forgetting!

I think I’m the only person in the world who still likes the Office and likes Andy as the boss. I could do with out California, though, because I much preferred Joe.

I’ve flat out given up on Glee. I barely pay attention to it anymore and I never bother catching up on the episodes I’ve missed. I don’t even care for the song choices.

I’d like to see Whitney and 2 Broke Girls died a miserable death.  And that one with the guys in drag.

And I’d like to see Jessica Lange and her hairdo on my tv every week for the next decade or so.

I actually don’t mind the idea of Andy being boss, but I’m not into the execution. 2 Broke Girls has some terrible dialogue and stupid stereotypes, but it’s Masterpiece Theater compared to the crapfest that is Whitney. I watched it once, ONCE, just to see if it was as bad as everyone said, and it somehow managed to be worse.

I am also disillusioned with Glee’s song choices.  The boy’s school’s version of Teenage Dream gave me raptures, but since then, I’m almost completely unaffected.  Although I think there were a few Mercedes and Santana numbers that I liked.  But nothing touched my soul and made me want to hear it over and over like the harmonies from the a capella Teenage Dream.  I looked that ish up on youtube and showed it to people at work!

I second the vote for Community to stay alive.

While I’m no longer a fan of The Office, I actually wouldn’t mind watching Andy be the boss of another office environment.  Having recently become a supervisor, I find myself relating to him and his desire to keep people happy and still be effective.  (This is my issue.)  I’m SO over Jim&Pam.

My dream is to see a scifi show with an awesome lady lead – sort of a Buffy Martha Jones Knope hybrid in a semi-realistic future where there’s way more brown people than every other scifi show.


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