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I have a love/hate/don’t look! relationship with social media. Meaning – I love it, I hate it and am somewhat mercurial regarding sharing it with the general public.

Facebook, for example, I keep fairly close to my chest. Family, close friends and online friends with whom I feel very comfortable – that’s about it for the people invited into that particular circle. At last count, I’m staring at 14 friend requests, wondering how to respond. Yes, I could accept them and simply lock them into my “restricted” list (meaning they can’t see anything) but they’re people I sorta/kinda/maybe know. Do I want to put them on restrictions? Should I put them on restrictions? I don’t know. In the meantime, they’re in limbo.

I write fanfiction and while I know people read it, I get a case of the twitches when I realize “people” actually read it. Last summer I went to a Famous Author’s book signing and behind me in line, a couple of women were talking about one of my stories. It completely terrified me – it made me feel like they’d been reading my diary! I ended up sitting in my car on the verge of hyperventilating for about ten minutes before I could drive home. Those were real people not just typed words from a username in a review – and it freaked. me. the. fuck..out.

On the other hand, I pass out my Twitter account like breath mints. It’s not private or protected and I use it religiously, regularly and obsessively. Seriously, if there’s ever a 24-hour span of time without at least one tweet from me, please have the police break down my door and save me. Want to know what I’m thinking at any particular moment? It’s on Twitter. Am I happy? Twitter. Sad? Twitter.  Pissed off? Definitely on Twitter. Having a good hair day? Yeah, that’s on Twitter, too. Probably with a photo.

I Tweet, therefore I am.

In my head, my Twitter timeline is pithy, witty and quotable and full of golden nuggets of priceless wisdom. My followers read my remarks and automatically think, “Damn! Why didn’t I think of that?” The reality of my timeline? Notsomuch.

Here’s a random sampling:

“Snake shaking, that’s fine?” Who wrote this episode? So many great lines. #Bones

(The Fox show Bones is a current obsession.)

Between Art kicking ass & Limehouse giving his “I ain’t building no bookcases” speech, how am I supposed to sleep tonight? #Justified

(Another obsession, Justified, on FX.)

Stupid fucking refs. Are these the same ones that couldn’t count to five? #WeAreUK #GoBigBlue

(Kentucky basketball. These tweets usually involve profanity.)

According to this Decoded, 4 out of every 1000 people in Alaska disappear – and still we can’t get rid of Sarah Palin.

(I’m a liberal Democrat living in Tennessee. Sarcasm just happens.)

@HartHanson @ckettner You know who does evil really well? James Marsters! Hey, maybe you should have him on #Bones!! :-D #NeverGiveUP

(My mission in life is to get James Marsters on Bones. This. Needs. To. Happen.)

I got a new lunch bag! It’s pink and flowerey and sparkley – I feel like it’s my first day at kindergarten! :-D

(Typical random crap tweet)

If my timeline is my own personal time capsule, what does it say about me? What sort of description of my life am I leaving behind? I wonder– Maybe I should ask my Twitter followers.

What about you? Do you Twitter? What kind of Twitter timeline are you leaving behind? What does your timeline say about you?


48/DWF. "I don't entirely approve of some of the things I have done or am or have been. But I'm me. God knows, I'm me." Elizabeth Taylor

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I’ve tried cracking down on who I add to facebook, but I primarily use it for networking in the disability advo community (and sending my mom articles) so it’s hard- people I don’t know well are my primary audience for a lot of stuff. THe fact that I don’t mind having people read about my digestive issues or seeing my halloween costume from when I was 19 probably helps too.

Twitter. . . I don’t know, I guess I post more personal things on twitter, but again it’s open to the pubic and people can see it all…

Yep, I use Twitter for work (found my current job through it, too). It’s my personal account, real name, but is public and am friends with my colleagues etc., so I do consider what I say on there and how it might be received. I tend not to use it at weekends, either. But to me, the beauty of Twitter is the interaction with people I’ve never met and the conversations that can be had.

My Facebook, on the other hand, is as private as I can make it, and make use of lists and cull regularly.

I have resisted Twitter thus far.  I just can’t bring myself to do it.  I keep hoping it’s a fad and I can just wait it out.  But I know it’s not.

I also don’t really understand how to use it.  I mean, I understand following someone.  I understand tweeting.  I even understand tweeting at someone.  I do not understand Twitter conversations.  They seem like they would be messy and hard to follow.

But then, I am a semi-old.  I don’t always get what the whippersnappers are doing.  Nevertheless, it’s just a matter of time before I have my own account and I’m following NdGT.

I think my Twitter is clever.  But it’s pretty law school heavy.  As in, I tweet most when people are making idiotic comments in class.

The REAL problem with #finals is that they take so long. Isn’t there an 80s montage option somewhere?

I also tend to tweet about my current Netflix obsessions and random things in my head:

Boyfriend just used Star Wars and Emperor Palpatine as a metaphor for the US Congress. I wish I didn’t find that so damn sexy.

I have a Twitter, but I rarely use it. It’s currently locked–if there was a way to go back and delete everything on it I might make it public and hand it out.

I think my most “public” form (and most accurate form) of social media is my Tumblr, but even then, I don’t go out of my way to tell “real life” people about it–a few know of it, most don’t.

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