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Recap: Parenthood, Episode 3.13, “Just Smile”

This week finds Parenthood back into full swing, with several story lines moving forward all at once. There’s sibling rivalry, talk of babies, the insecurity of youth, and more all happening in my favorite hour of television.

Adam and Crosby: A lot of this episode takes place at the Luncheonette. The brothers are interviewed by a magazine, and much to Crosby’s surprise, it’s Adam’s photo that makes the cover, and Adam’s story that is featured front and center.

Amber: Thanks to Aunt Kristina, Amber is now working as an assistant on a local political campaign. She quickly learns that the interns are far more educated than she is, and she’s insecure when talking to candidates. I am curious to see how this story line develops, and what Amber ends up doing.

Sarah and Mark: Sarah has babies on the brain ever since she and Mark babysat for Nora. She’s going to the gynecologist, consulting her sisters and a consulting a large bottle of wine. Mark appears to be, of course, backing away–is he really, or is Sarah just obsessing? Sarah asks if she can still have kids.

Julia, Joel and Zoe: Zoe, who is very pregnant, is living with Julia and Joel. They are trying to respect Zoe’s privacy, but it’s a tricky proposition. When Troy leaves a message for Zoe, Julia convinces Joel that they can’t actually screen her phone calls, as much as he’d like to do so. Zoe surprises them both at the end of the episode with an envelope full of paperwork they’ve been hoping for.

It looks like next week Haddie starts talking college, and Crosby gets some action (which makes sense; it’s been a few episodes).

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