Persephone Magazine’s Top 10(+!) Style Posts of 2011

In our post organizing system, the Style category covers a broad range of topics, from fashion to design to art. Our Style writers are masters at looking at the fun side of style, but with a critical eye. The posts in this list are as clever as they are stylish, and I think they represent some of the best work Persephone has to offer.

P-mag’s Top !0(+!) Style Posts of 2011

(in no particular order)

10. Project Runway Episode 9.1: “The Answer is Always Used Underpants” | Miss Worded

9. I’m Not A Fan of the Word Flattering, and Here’s Why | Liza

8. Deconstructing Chic: What Does Fashion’s Favorite Buzzword Really Mean? | Rixatrix

7. Decorating Inspiration | Chelsie

6. Grandma’s Got It Going On: Your Guide to Vintage Fashion, Your Guide to Vintage Fashion of the ’50s, Your Guide to Vintage Fashion of the ’60s. | ┬áMiss Worded

5. Things to Wear On Your Head This Winter | Sally Lawton; More Things to Wear On Your Head This Winter | Sara B.

4. September Sapphires and July Rubies, Or How I Hit Two Gems With One Stone | Ailanthus-altissima

3. Sneaky Harry Potter Style | Ailanthus-altissima; Death Eaters Like to Look Nice, Too | fifthpevensie; and Harry Potter House Style: Hufflepuff | BaseballChica03

2. In Defense of Pantsuits | Golda Poretsky

1. Heroines of Style: Classic Movies and Heroines of Style: Television | Kelsium


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