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Recap: Parenthood, Episode 3.14, “It Is What It Is”

This week’s Parenthood episode on NBC gives us my favorite kind of episode, the kind of episode where nearly every character in the cast gets screen time and all story lines propel forward. We get to see Zeek, Camille, AND every Braverman grandkid gets a scene except for Sydney and Nora, I think. Zeek & Camille: Zeek is faced with some worrisome medical news. Camille is worried, Zeek is in denial and buys a Airstream trailer. By the end of the episode, Zeek’s talked Camille to go traveling all over the west with him.

Julia, Joel, & Zoe: Julia and Zoe are doing a delicate dance, as Zoe prepares to give birth and Julia prepares to parent the baby. Childbirth class, getting room ready. The realities of the situation are sinking in for all involved.

Crosby: As Crosby falls for a the cellist who’s been practicing in the Luncheonette, Jasmine starts to get a little jealous. Her face looks like Crosby’s did when she started dating Dr. Joe (and Dr. Joe notices). Hmph. Take that, Jasmine.

Adam, Kristina & Haddie: Haddie excitedly tells her parents that she’s been accepted to Cornell, Adam is hesitant because it is so expensive. As Kristina and Adam make the case that there are other less expensive schools, Haddie makes the case that her needs and wants are always second to Max’s. By the end of the episode, Adam can’t tell her no. At nearly $60,000 per year, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out. (Seriously, Haddie, why do you think you are entitled to this? Why are you expecting your parents to pay for this? Seriously?)

Drew: We get to see a little bit of Drew and Amy this episode. They go on a college visit together, and Sarah wedges her way into tag along. Sarah learns a lot about Drew’s life on this trip.

Amber: Amber gets to interact on the campaign trail with candidate Bob Little, whose campaign she’s working on. He seems to be a standup guy, and he seems to have the hots for Amber. This could get interesting.

So now I’m left to wonder, “Will Jasmine want Crosby back?” “Will Zoe be ok?” “Will Amber kiss Bob Little?” Did you watch this week’s episode? What did you think?

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I’m so nervous about Amber and Bob Little.  It has Intern Scandal written all over it, and it smells of the ill-fated fling between Sarah and Adam’s boss (whatever his name was).  But he’s cute and affirming and appreciates Amber for her work.  But it’s exactly her work that hangs in the balance!  Be careful, Amber!

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