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Recap: The Vampiaries, Episode 3.12, “The Ties That Bind”

Wow, a lot happened this week. The episode opens with another of Bonnie’s dream sequences. She is in a cemetery full of Bennett witches. She finds a coffin. Klaus finds her. Klaus bites her. She wakes up. In a coffin.

I was thinking we were about to get into a very tense episode of the “find Bonnie before she dies” sort, but instead she wakes up again. What this dream within a dream means is she must find her birth mother to open the unopenable coffin, and this obviously requires Elena’s help. So finally Elena is let in on the big coffin secret. Damon finds her, an Abbie Bennett, but Elena doesn’t want his help. So like the cheeky brat that he is he tells Bonnie about The Kiss.

“We kissed. Now it’s weird.”

Meanwhile, in hybrid-vampire love trouble, Tyler apologizes for biting Caroline. She’s unimpressed until he reveals that he’s enlisted her dad to break the sire bond. Those crazy kids just might make it after all. Never mind that her dad is a (repentant) bigot that tried to torture the vampire out of her. All is forgotten. (You know what else is forgotten? Jeremy. And Matt. And Catherine. And some other stuff, I’ll get to that later.)

Since Damon isn’t on the mission to find Bonnie’s mother, he’s lurking around Alaric, who happens to be on a lunch date with mysterious and beautiful Dr. Fall. Damon finds her suspect, especially since she didn’t inform Alaric of her staked ex-boyfriend.

“Girl that hot, that smart? Damage.”

Bonnie and Elena (who in my notes –I make notes– I refer to as B&E, which I like), so B&E are girl talking as they drive to North Carolina to find Abbie Bennett. At the same time, Klaus is up to his old machinations and sends a hybrid off to mess with Abbie. Can’t be good. When B&E arrive, no one is home, except a hot new love interest for Bonnie.

Hello. I'm Bonnie's potential new love interest.

His name is Jamie and he has pretty eyes. He lets them in and Bonnie finds out that her mother has a sorta-adopted son and is a nice, normal lady. That bitch. She shows up and informs Bonnie that she left town fifteen years ago to encrypt (!) Michael. She didn’t say it like that. But she should have. It used up her magic and she took the chance to just be a normal lady. Now she’s so out of the loop that she didn’t even know Grams is dead. Way to pay attention, lady.

I guess the writers got QoB’s letters because we finally have us some shirtless Tyler. In chains no less. Down in the basement, or is it the Lockwood crypt? I can’t tell. Anyway, Bill Forbes informs Tyler that to break the bond with Klaus he has to own his pain so he’ll no longer feel indebted. This means willingly wolfing out. Caroline can’t stand watching Tyler in pain (breaking every bone in his body) so she bails. When Tyler can’t go through with it, Bill chops at him with an axe. Brilliant. It’s do or die. So Tyler crunches his bones into wolf shape, but the chains aren’t strong enough. Alas! Run, Bill! Inevitably Bill gets the chomp. He kind of deserves it anyway (I’m not very forgiving today).

Damon is still pretty concerned about Alaric’s new lady, so he heads to the hospital to grill her. He’s not wrong. She vervains him and then bloodjacks him. Of course he runs to Alaric to tell him he’s right because when Damon isn’t flirting with Elena, he can be counted on to be pulling Alaric’s pig tails.

“I proved your theory. Diagnosed psycho case. You’re welcome. Naanaa na boo boo.”

Back in North Carolina, Elena has stepped out to allow Bonnie some special time with her mom. Stefan shows up, he’s good for that, and is unimpressed that Elena tried to keep him out. Jamie’s unimpressed that Stefan has shown up and starts testosteroning all over him, but what chance does he have? Stefan compels him away BUT dude’s already been compelled so he shoots Stefan with wooden buckshot and ties Elena up. Oh that Klaus, always one step ahead. By now in the house, Abbie has drugged (herbed) Bonnie. She takes her to one of Klaus’ hybrids, even though Bonnie hasn’t told her where the coffins are. But if Bonnie doesn’t tell her, well, Jamie is compelled to kill himself. Fortunately, Elena discovers a loop hole and manages to trick Jamie into approaching her so that she can knock him out. I might have cheered a little. All that Slayer Training is starting to come in handy. Now’s the tricky part of digging the wood out of Stefan. He doesn’t trick her into sucking it out, Eric-style. Stefan’s a jerk, not a cad.

This is probably my favourite scene of the episode. Stefan tells Elena she’s changed. She’s stronger. Well, when your boyfriend goes psycho, it happens. She confesses to kissing Damon. Stefan, looking stunned and sad, walks away. And this, I think, is the next evolution in their story. Finally. He tells her he never should have kidnapped her. That’s she’s better than Damon. That’s she’s better than him. And then I swooned.

Once everyone is safe, Abbie agrees to help Bonnie. Even though she has no magic, maybe Bonnie can help her get it back. Over in Mystic Falls, Klaus has found the coffins, but Damon had enough time to get the mysterious fourth one hidden beforehand, and he isn’t telling where it is. Dr. Fall uses Damon’s blood to save Bill Forbes, so maybe she’s not so bad after all. In return for revealing her secret, Alaric tells her about his vampire hunting ways and his mystical ring. Elena catches them kissing but totally gives her blessing, even though this doctor lady still seems pretty sketch to me. Tyler apologizes to Bill and thinks they are finished. Nope. There’s more work to do.

Hello, brother.

At the Salvatore house, Damon tells Stefan that he managed to save the mystery coffin. He figures out that Stefan has had a heart to heart with Elena. And then, most awesomely, Stefan punches him in the face. He deserves it. Finally, he shows Stefan an awesome surprise. He has one of the knives that should be stuck in an Original. And lo, the BAMF that he is, Elijah wakes up to say hello to Klaus. Yes!

Okay, so here’s the thing. I’m forever a Stefan and Elena kinda gal, what can I say? I’m traditional. But, what?! Has Elena really forgotten all the awful shit that Damon has done? I know Stefan has done some pretty bad stuff, but under the circumstances, I dunno, maybe some of it can slide. But remember what Damon did to Caroline? And when he killed Alaric? And when he broke Jeremy’s neck? He’s manipulative, self-serving and dangerously impulsive. Say what you will about Stefan, but he’s got more heart than Damon. Also, anyone else think Dr. Fall is still a likely candidate for baddie?

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Dr. Fell is evil. No doubt about it. Unless they are just leading us on… Dammit. TWISTS!

I am always in awe of just how many beautiful people are on this show. LIKE ALL OF THEM ARE HOT. Except Stefan. I hate Stefan. He should just go away. DAMON AND ELENA FOREVER. F* yeah!


Is it vervaining or Vebaining a person?

Oh well I see we clearly disagree on the Stefan issue. We can still be friends. And yes, all of the people are attractive on this show. CW TV land is like this weird resort town in Thailand that I visited years ago. Everyone was attractive and dressed to seduce. It was surreal.

I was also thinking they might be leading us on with Dr. Fell. Making it look like she’s some new kind of supe or just wants Alaric’s ring when really she’s a good lady. But I doubt that.

Also, what do you mean Vebaining? I am lost!


Letter writing, I’m telling you. Works wonders! I think Tylorine still have a chance…

That Stefan + Elena bit broke my heart too. Humanity: dimmer switch.

I did appreciate that Damon is back to full-on sarky, though. “just checking for bunnies!”. And taking the dagger out of Elijah was genius. 

Dr. Fell is evil, I’m telling you. I do not like thee, Dr. Fell.

Go Tylorine! They have such good chemistry when they aren’t being sad about the various curses they both are afflicted by. I still think Stefan is going to come around, but it’ll probably be too late.

Elijah being back is just pure genius, he’s such a good bad guy. Like how Damon was a good bad guy in season one. Like you root for him you know? (But now that Damon is becoming a serious love interest = barf to me. I like the snark he brings but he’s in no way worthy of the love of any of the main characters. Except for maybe Stefan’s. And Alaric’s. Except not really Alaric’s, they just have a great bromance.)

I love that Caroline’s dad is being so hardcore with Tyler. It’s romantic, if I don’t think about it too much…

Elijah is a bad guy with a moral compass. Who is not really on Klaus’s side either, so this has the potential to be super-interesting especially whenever Katherine comes back from wherever she is.

Ok, Alaric: was it really the ring, or does he have a thing too?

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