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The Big Cheese Bracket: AND THE WINNER IS…

Persephoneers! Thank you so much for participating in The Big Cheese! Brackets are pointless when there’s no passion involved in jockeying for supremacy, and I was pleased to see you engaging (even if I had to goad you on occasion!).

Cheddar 71% v. Parmigiano 29%

Taste our winner! Some of the more widely available excellent brands available in the U.S. are Cabot, Boar’s Head, Black Diamond, Tillamook, and Grafton; Adams’ Reserve is a great choice if you’re in the NY/New England area. Let us know of any others in your region/country you’re particularly fond of, so Persephoneers everywhere can access the best representatives of The Chosen Cheese.

Come join me again this summer, when I’ll be running an Ice Cream Bracket! Yes, I have a dairy problem, I can admit it. Technically, I’ve already completed the bracket layout…but I welcome any input on what you’d like to see there–comment here or message me with suggestions. See you in the dairy aisle!

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As a resident of Tillamook Country (and the proud owner of an I (heart) Tillamook button – with a picture of the Tillamook Van) I fully support this result.

And, if you need to refresh yourself and get your strategy ready, I suggest studying the many icecream flavors, Tillamook offers as well. :)

I am available for guided tours through the creamery as well. (price: a double-scoop at the end of the tour)

Someone was talking about doing the booze one, but I can’t remember who. Middlemarch Madness is up next, but ice cream won’t be until June or July; Selena mentioned that booze could be worked in during April/May. I’m sure you, or you plus another person, can put a bracket together! It’s fairly easy once you’ve studied a few (including an actual March Madness, just to see how the original operates).

Do it!! Selena can take you through all the details of form-making and posting. If you can make a decent bracket (I used some crowd-sourcing–just asking people what cheeses they loved–before finalizing mine, which was quite helpful), I’d say go for it.

Thanks! Yes, ice cream should be very fun. I’m reconsidering how I’ve done the bracket though–I thought it might be fun to add a few specifics to the generals. Like, cherry is very popular in the U.S. as a whole, but would people here be less likely to vote for Cherry Vanilla than Cherry Garcia? Then again, I could make an entire bracket purely of Ben & Jerry’s (but won’t, unless they put ads on Persephone!).

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