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The Big Cheese Bracket: Day 13

Hello, my intrepid Persephoneers! Without further ado, let’s round off the Elite Eight!

Day 12 provided drama in the form of Brie v. Chevre; the vote was close, very close, a mere hair, which means Brie will go up against Feta for the Wild Card. Now, don’t you dare give me grief for this; neither Brie nor Feta would even be in the running at this point if I hadn’t decided to add the Wild Card, so I don’t want to hear about how evil I am for pitting them against each other, capische?
Day 12 results:
Brie 49% v. Chevre 51%
Mozzarella 75% v. Ricotta 25%

Yesterday’s match-ups paired distinctly related and/or similar cheeses; today’s non-Wild Card is a complete change: the robust, electric, wake-up-and-sing Parmigiano is up against creamy, delectable, tangy Camembert. Both are pinnacles of fromage fine-tuning; the experience of each is vastly different. How will you choose? What cheesy characteristics will sway your vote?

Stake your claims, Persephoneers: the future of the curd is in your hands!

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By the way, I bought a great chunk of Provolone today for $2.25!! I was so excited! Also, Brie and Camembert? Both in this round? I suspect racketeering. To me (and I know I’ll be hung for this), I can’t really tell the difference between the two. I think the flavours are too subtle to warrant a win for both. Give me some damn Feta and Parmigiano!!

Not pretending that this is an easy choice kiddos, but fpr anyone who’s unsure on the first matchup I provide this simple suggestion:

Camembert. Baked in oven until runny with garlic cloves and rosemary. With crusty bread for dipping into the gooey glory. YES.

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