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The Big Cheese Bracket: Day 14

Holy moly! We’re in the Final Fromage! If you haven’t been keeping up with the bracket, the four division winners are Cheddar, Mozzarella, Chèvre, and Parmigiano.

Day 13 Results:
Parmigiano 76% v. Camembert 24%
Brie 55% v. Feta 45%

I must admit, my fellow cheese lovers, I was distressed by the lack of electioneering in Day 13. It’s almost as if you didn’t care which cheese triumphed, even though Brie just barely edged out feta! Do you really feel that casually about these curds? Are you truly willing to give up so easily on your cheesy choices? I must reiterate my promise from way back on Day 1: If I don’t see evidence of emotional investment to match my own, I will exercise my power as bracketmaster to give my own favorite the nod! If Day 16 ends with Fromage d’Affinois or Valdeón in the winner’s circle, you have only yourselves to blame!

Moving on: I initially added the Wild Card to make up for some glaring omissions in the original bracket. I’ve used it in the last two rounds as a repository of sorts for the losers of extremely close match-ups: Feta, which lost by two votes to Parmigiano; and Brie, which was four votes under Chevre. In the Final Fromage, Cheddar will go up against Mozzarella, and Chevre against Parmigiano; of the two cheeses that win, whichever wins by the slimmest margin will then compete with Brie for a last-ditch shot at the Cheese Championship.

So on to the first stage! Cheddar v. Mozzarella and Chevre v. Parmigiano. Choose your cheeses, make your cases!

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Dude, if you can buy it for $3.49/lb, it can’t be very good quality–my cheddar is $8/lb, brie is $12/lb (for the triple cream), fresh mozzarella runs $6/lb, and parmigiano is $14/lb!

In any case, by nature this is a popularity contest–the BIG Cheese. People can’t vote for something they haven’t had…

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