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The Big Cheese Bracket: Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of The Big Cheese!
Day 1 went down as expected: the top seeds – Cheddar, Mozzarella, Brie, and Parmigiano – handily beat out the low-ranked American, Edam, Cottage Cheese, and Yogurt Cheese (all of which did receive some votes, which is probably something we should have a little chat about. Yes, all you cottage cheese dedicatees, I AM JUDGING YOU! More to the point, where were you in the comments? Defend the honor of your chosen cheeses! You must try to sway minds, and votes!).

The tally:
Cheddar 95% v. American 5%
Mozzerella 90% v. Edam 10%
Brie 88% v. Cottage Cheese 12%
Parmigiano 97% v. Yogurt Cheese 3%

Today is a lovely mix, including some big blues and essential fresh cheeses. See yesterday’s poll for the full, downloadable bracket. Go forth and choose your cheesy choice!

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Fuck Yeah Mozzarella!

I have no opinion about the options today. I would negative vote for Ricotta but only because it was the last cheese I ate before fully confirming the cheese allergy-type-thing. You robbed me of a perfect night, Ricotta! I could have been happy that evening! Damn you!

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