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The Big Cheese Bracket: Day 3

Welcome back! Day 3 brings a number of tough contests, as salty goes against sweet, hard competes with runny, intense dukes it out with mild. Make your cases convincing, folks; these match-ups are definitely up for grabs!

The results of Day 2 were much more heavily contested than Day 1, with a big upset as Roquefort was toppled by Havarti! With the lower-ranked Cabrales falling to Camembert, two blues were knocked right out of the running; will Gorgonzola bring it for the moldy team today?
Day 2 tally:
Roquefort 33% v. Havarti 67%
Ricotta 81% v. Taleggio 19%
Chevre 70% v. Pecorino 30%
Camembert 84% v. Cabrales 16%

Two notes:
1) As these forms don’t show a running tally, I’m going to post an update here sometime in the morning (EST) to give you all an idea of how voting has gone so far.
2) You. Hey, you. You there trying to vote for both cheeses in a given matchup. Stop that, it messes up my data!

Keep ’em coming in, folks! Choose your cheesy choice!

Gorgonzola 60% v. Colby 40%
Gruyère 96% v. Époisses 4%
Gouda 67% v. Provolone 33%
Feta 75% v. Mascarpone 25%

75 replies on “The Big Cheese Bracket: Day 3”

am quite sad that nearly none of my favorites survived the second round.  of course, i didn’t advocate for them, so my bad.  but it occurs to me, in reading thru the comments, that i may be judging by very different standards.  i love good, strong-flavored cheeses that stand well on their own, as noshes, perhaps accompanied by a piece of good bread or a slice of salami.  a lot of other folks are making the case that Cheese X is good in (name favorite recipe or food here).  while i do agree that many (most?) things are improved with addition of cheese, i would suggest considering how the cheese … okay, just can’t make the ‘cheese stands alone’ joke work.

Both approaches have their merit. I too prefer cheeses that can stand alone, but I also can’t imagine running my kitchen without, say, ricotta or chevre… which of course *are* capable of standing alone, when good and fresh! And I say this as a Pecorino dedicatee, but if I had to give one up it definitely wouldn’t be chevre. That being said, the Havarti upset was a complete surprise to me!

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