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The Big Cheese Bracket: Day 4

Hello, my cheesy friends! These are starting to get a lot tougher, huh? I see the agonizing you poor souls are going through! But it will only get worse! I’m sorry, that’s the nature of brackets!

Day 3 results:
Gorgonzola 65% v. Colby 35%
Gruyère 93% v. Époisses 7%
Gouda 69% v. Provolone 31%
Feta 72% v. Mascarpone 28%

As you can see, the contests weren’t actually too close; however, the comments suggested DEEP CONFLICT. Well, today’s gonna be similar, I’m afraid. Some are underrated, some are underexplored, some are popular but not necessarily convincing on their own… Have at it, Persephoneers! State your cases! Choose your cheese!

Poll closes at 6:30 p.m. EST.

80 replies on “The Big Cheese Bracket: Day 4”

14k, even though I am still a little mad at you for making me pick between gouda and provolone, this competition is serving to help me making a list of cheeses I need to try! I didn’t vote in this round because I’ve only had one cheese out of each pair and didn’t think it would be fair – I’m realizing my experience with blue cheeses is sadly lacking.

I’ve never had Fontina that it wasn’t grossly over-used (I blame Carraba’s for that…), but from y’all’s comments here I think I need to give it another try. Perhaps when it’s not shouting over other ingredients to be heard.

Manchego all the way! Manchego United!

Let me tell you a sad, sad story.

The last time I had cheesecake, homemade and perfectly baked cheesecake was Thanksgiving of 2003. Hosted at my uncle’s new house. I used to LOVE cheesecake. Anyone remember the Voyager episode where Seven of Nine SCARFS DOWN a New York Cheesecake? That was me as an eight-year-old. I remember that cake fondly. I also remember the stomach cramps and unbearable pain later that night as I hung out at a friend’s house. It scared the crap out of her (and, well, of course, me). She is now very cautious when we eat out. She’ll ask a waiter what’s in the salad before I even get a chance to myself.

The graham-cracker crust was made of butter and heaven too…

I love that you mentioned Seven eating cheesecake! (Also makes me think of the Friends episode where Rachel and Chandler get down and eat the cheesecake they dropped while fighting over it off the hallway floor because it’s amazing and they figure they can just eat the bits that didn’t touch the floor.)

Fresh Asiago is a thing of beauty.

Manchego is perfect. It has that nice sheepy tang without being overbearing, a slight grassy note and a touch of delightful saltiness. And it has an awesome basket imprinted rind. And it is absolutely delicious with quince paste (which tastes way more appealing than it sounds). Team Manchego!!

I can’t decide! A life without cream cheese isn’t a life worth living. (Bagels! Cheesecake!) But we used to use Stilton in one of the salads at my dad’s restaurants, and oh my god, I could eat it for hours. I haven’t had any in over ten years, now that I think of it. Sob! This bracket is breaking my cheesy little heart!

Also, provolone grilled cheeses on wheat bread are one of the best things ever, so gouda is getting a vicious side-eye from me. You can’t even play it in Words With Friends!

FONTINA! I can still remember the revelation that was my first taste of fontina.

P.S. Mr. B wants you to know that he has not sufficiently recovered from Feta vs. Mascarpone to vote again today. He’s afraid to even open today’s bracket lest his heart break again.

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