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The Big Cheese Bracket: Day 6

Folks, this week is gonna suck–take a look at what the bracket looks like for this round. There will be much gnashing of teeth and weeping of salty, salty tears. I’m truly sorry, but there’s no avoiding it; there’s a hell of a lot of great cheese in the world!

I thought of all my cheesy Persephoneers this weekend as I dined at a restaurant specializing in cheese (YEAH, baby!). I selected a three-cheese sampler, and for the first time had: Prima Donna, a youngish aged Gouda that is dreamily creamy and ridiculously caramel-y; Grayson, a complex, striking Chimay-type; and Bleu d’Auvergne, which was just lovely, all top notes and tingliness.

While I was playing at the fromagere’s counter, you were voting between our Wild Card competitors.
Results for Day 5:
Queso Fresco 61% v. Muenster 39%
Paneer 64% v. Oaxaca 36%

The Sweet Sixteen starts off with a doozy: Cheddar v. Gorgonzola! Team Bleu, you’ve got a big job today: you’ve only got one candidate left, and it’s up against what may be the world’s best-loved cheese. Can you sway the masses? Can you make the bracket your bitch? Or are you gonna give up without a fight??

Team Stand-Alone and Team All-Purpose are butting heads as well: the fascinating Camembert and the journeyman Cream Cheese are worlds apart in the affective spectrum of cheese experience. Which way will you go?

Good luck, my brave soldiers! Voting is open until 4 p.m. EST; the next poll will be posted at 4:30.

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That’s part of why it wasn’t done; the tradition with brackets is to pit the top and bottom seeds against each other, working your way to the middle. Cottage was the lowest-ranked seed in its group; cream cheese was considerably higher up.

I am also not on Team Bleu.  In fact, Gorgonzola is the only bleu I like.  I’m wrestling with this choice against cheddar, though, because while cheddar is ubiquitous – and rightly so, it’s delicious and versatile – I just don’t know that it beats the Gorg for special-ness.  And Cheddar is very special to me. were these two paired against each other?  That is crazy talk.  I still am not sure how I’m gonna vote…

Edited to add: after reviewing the bracket my dismay has increased.  Is it possible that we could lose either Cheddar or Gorgonzola but still have Havarti in the next round?  I love Havarti, but this is not justice.

Unless it was as an “entry level” blue, I have no idea. It only had a few spots here and there and it didn’t taste blue at all. To be honest, it was a cheap cheese, it barely tasted of anything.

The cumin gouda I had at the same time though….mmmmm yummy.

It’s completely accurate! Gorgonzola dolce is a good example; it has only a fraction of the mold normal gorgonzola has. Oddly–and I’m quite picky about my blues, I emphatically do *not* like all of them–I detest gorgonzola dolce even though I love gorgonzola. I think the entry-level blues, which are mild, offend my palate because I know they should be stronger ;)

I am, right this very second, eating gorgonzola gnocchi (paired with steamed green beans, so I have the whole smokey/sweet thing going on) and it is divine, and I STILL voted for cheddar. Why? Because I can’t imagine a world without the ubiquitous cheese, but I know I could live without gorgonzola.

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