Persephone Bracket

The Big Cheese Bracket: Day 7

Man, yesterday was fuckin’ painful, huh?

Results for Day 6:
Cheddar 76% v. Gorgonzola 24%
Camembert 54% v. Cream Cheese 46%

RIP, Team Bleu.

You won’t get any relief yet, sorry to say: the supremely indulgent Brie, Queen of Cheeses, fights for dominance over the magnificently multifaceted Gouda, and Ricotta, the essential fresh Italian, vies with the intricately delectable Fontina.

Persephoneers, state your cases! Creamy decadence? Multiferous possibility? Kitchen staple? Luxurious depth? Even your Bracketmaster is unsure which way to go!

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Those of you voting against gouda seem to never have had good gouda. It’s so yummy and versatile. I love it all from the smooth/creamy young gouda to the sharp old (like years and years old) gouda.

No joke, when I have friends who fly back to the Netherlands I have them bring me back wheels of gouda.

Oooooh… When my Dutch aunt goes back to visit her family, she returns with awesome lemon drops. Perhaps I should consider asking for Gouda as well! Although really, I find I get great stuff here :) Have you had Uniekaas? I just discovered it last year, so I’m still swooning and raving over it!

Wipe? How dare you imply that I would wipe the sweet nectar of creamy, delicious, succulant brie from my fingers like a common cream cheese!

Brie is like the sweet delicate drizzle of the honey between the legs of a cheese nymph. I dare not waste a single drop, and I shall lick every morsel from between my fingers, because brie is fucking delicious!

It matters not what color a cheese is, but the content of it’s tastiness.

Gouda is just snobby cheddar, and something to accompany a sausage in a gift basket. Brie is a dessert, topping, something you can smear on a naked body, perfect for grilled cheese if you’ve got the $$$ like that and it’s name is even cute enough to possibily name a child after. [1]

There are even people living in the united states with the first name Brie. [2]

Furthermore, Brie is an elegant [3] cheese which brings out the best in people.




Gouda is the worst of the cheeses, and Brie is the best. You know why? Because where there’s brie, there’s a special occasion.

While of course, you need your everyday cheeses, you also need a cheese to remind you that, yes, this IS a party, or you are indeed having a romantic moment, or that you or someone who cares about you has gone out of the way to make things nice. You know how you can tell? Because there’s brie.


Your contest has increased my cheese consumption by at least 50%. The last two times I went to the store, I made a beeline for the cheese cooler first.

Also, team Gouda. Gouda is the fanciest of what I refer to as the blue-collar cheeses, not to be confused with the bleu chesses. I come from a long line of blue-collar cheeselovers, and every special family event included lots of Gouda. (And the late, under-appreciated Edam.)

Gouda is the perfect cheese. It’s flavorful enough for cracker accoutrement or eating right off the block, but it’s mellow and melty enough to make a fan-fucking-tastic cheese sauce. Gouda is more than a cheese, it’s an icon of the dying middle class.

Vote for the proletariat cheese, the cheese who keeps his head down, works hard, and goes the extra mile in unexpected ways. Brie is pampered and fragile. Sure, he tastes pretty good baked in a crust, but faced with the prospect of a hearty macaroni and cheese or nacho dish, Brie would fail miserably. Brie is one-note, while Gouda is a multi-tasker. Brie is bland while Gouda is smoky, buttery and complex. Brie is for showing off, Gouda is for eating.

Vote Gouda. Gouda is Gouda for you.


GOUDA 4LYF. Gouda is grand, gouda is great! Gouda is sweet and creamy when young, rich and sumptuously flavored when aged! Old Goudas such as Uniekaas are works of art, crystalline and caramel-y and lingering! Goudas are amazing smoked! Gouda is perfect with most fruits, and wonderful to eat by itself!

Brie is… boring. It’s yummy as fuck, no question, but it doesn’t have all that much personality beyond its texture. It’s rich! It’s buttery! It’s… well, not anything else.

UNF. Although actually, if I could pick of all the cheeses to pair with arugula (which happens to be my fave leafy green), I’d go with fontina. I rarely do, ’cause it’s rather pricey, but whatever ;) But yeah, smoked Gouda… MAPLE smoked Gouda…

Cripes, time for a cheese sandwich!

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