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The Big Cheese Bracket: Day 8

Another day, another excruciatingly painful decision, focused this time on the saltiest competitors!

On Day 7, the basic trumped the exceptional (what, me? Biased? Never!):
Brie 60% v. Gouda 40%
Ricotta 60% v. Fontina 40%

We’ve got a killer today: the mighty Parmigiano Reggiano must battle with the briny, goaty Feta. I can’t offer much help on this one, folks; I know my pick, but this one’s gonna hurt big time. In the other match-up, we’ll find out if Havarti can sustain its upsetter position against the bravura Asiago.

On your marks, get set… DEBATE! [And I mean DEBATE, if you don’t bring it I will stalk your comments and start fights to ensure entertainment value. Cheese is a big deal, you guise!!]

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Sorry, Parmy, I had to go with feta on this one. Has anyone noticed that Feta in the states and Feta in the UK tastes different? The latter is definitely milder.  Why is this?

Dammit, you guys have convinced me to go back to Sainsbury’s tomorrow to buy cheese.  And nothing but cheese. I’ll gladly suffer my college cafeteria fare if it means I can spare the cash for cheese.

The sacrifices one must make…

I think I may have missed the last vote. Gouda, I apologize for not having your back on that one. I’m glad Fontina got shut down because I’m still mad at it over Manchego.

I’m going with PR over Feta because of this rationalization: Feta is good on MOST pasta, PR is good on ALL pasta.

Next up is Middlemarch Madness, it starts next month, and 14k is doing ice cream in June or July. If we made it a little bracket, like this one, with 32 original contenders, we could squeeze it in between MM and ice cream. If we do a booze bracket, I’m totally getting some sponsors. Booze ads pay the folding kind of money.

Oh my God. You’ll be my best friend ever.

(I took an Irish film & lit class and we watched a movie called Poitín and it was entirely in the Irish language and it was so dark and depressing and if I learned one thing in that class it’s that Irish people are the champions of dark/gallows humor. So my background explains so much about me, etc.)

caitlinface: it won’t let me reply to you below, but yes, In Bruges = excellent Christmas film. I was just thinking about The Butcher Boy  today! Not sure if you would’ve read Martin McDonagh’s or Patrick McCabe’s plays in your class, but also worth allok.

If you want to do this, the easiest way to narrow down is to start with a huge list of EVERYTHING. Then categorize them into families (your corn-based, cane-based, clears, ryes, liqueurs, etc., etc.). Cut out redundencies. Make sure every broad group is more or less evenly represented. Don’t bother with anything too specific (i.e. vodka is it–no potato v. wheat v. rye, no flavors, just… vodka. With wines, you have to think in terms of sweet red, sweet white, rose, champagne, dry red, dry white–no cabernet v. shiraz v. chenin blanc). You should be able to get a decent 32 bracket that way; that’s how I did the cheese, and the ice cream is also going to be 32. Ask around for people’s favorite broad groups of booze, that ensures that you don’t miss anything too big!

Ultimately though, as sad as I am to lose feta, I simply cannot imagine my food consumption devoid of parmigiano. It makes almost everything so much better… and big chunks of fresh, electric sharpness all on its own… and really, what is life without parmigiano? UNLIVEABLE, THAT’S WHAT.

PAH! A pox on you and your family! Gouda lives!!

Also, Parmigiano is far more necessary to a happy life than Feta could ever hope to be. When I make spanikopita (a frequent occurence, I live in a Greek nabe) I can replace half the feta with tofu and salt with NO CHANGE IN TASTE. FETA IS EMINENTLY REPLACEABLE.

BAH! I’m a rubber and you’re sperm glue and whatever pox you spread goes back to you!!

Feta is fantastic. Have you ever had feta on Pizza? I can easily replace  parmigiano with ramano! At half the price!

I like tofu, but why replace the decadence of cheese with something that’s gonna make you fart? Oh yeah, I know. Cuz if you’re not on team Feta, you must be full of noxious gas!

I’ve had tons of feta, and while it’s great, it’s no Parmigiano! I didn’t even *like* feta until I was in my mid-20s, too damn salty–so much so that I only tasted salt, not cheese, and still only like feta in small quantities and mixed with other stuff. And Romano? FEH. FEH ON ROMANO. It has no bite! No depth! No complexity and vibrance! It is in no way at the level of Parmigiano!

YOU ARE A NOXIOUS GAS… Actually, brief seriousness, I started doing that because I’m a vegetarian and need protein anywhere I can get it and feta’s so salty anyway this would cut it. It works phenomenally well–the spanikopita becomes an actual meal instead of an appetizer!

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