Persephone Bracket

The Big Cheese Bracket: Day 9

We’re getting closer, and our path is becoming more and more treacherous, littered with the discarded rinds of defeated curds.

My goodness, yesterday was a battle for the ages! Asiago maintained a steady lead over upstart Havarti, but Parmigiano and Feta were down to the wire–so much so that, when I had finished going through the votes individually (HEY! You there, voting twice/clicking both boxes! I have to disqualify your votes and recalculate the percentages, so stop that!), a margin of only two votes put Parmigiano ahead of Feta. BUT! What with its exceptional showing, I’m bumping Feta up to Wild Card status; it will compete next week with the winner of Day 10.
Results for Day 8:
Parmigiano 50% v. Feta 50%
Havarti 42% v. Asiago 58%

Today’s match-ups feature a bunch of staples. First up: the ubiquitous Mozzarella, in combat with the delectable Gruyère. Will utility and flexibility triumph over a piller of the cheesemaker’s art? Next, Chevre and Monterey Jack compete for your attention and affection. Goaty freshness, or mild versatility?

The burden lies on you, dear Persephoneers; you must be bold and swift in your judgments, ruthless in your engagement with the enemy, vociferous in defense of your own position! May the best cheese triumph!

36 replies on “The Big Cheese Bracket: Day 9”

I have a feeling I’m going to foster a deep seated hatred for Parmigiano now.  That said, my favorite in this round is Monterrey Jack, though.  I shiver at the thought of goat cheese. Bad experience from a few years ago.

And this just occurred to me, but why are types of cheeses capitalized? As far as I know, they aren’t proper nouns, right?

I capitalized everything ’cause I like consistency. The majority of the cheeses *are* properly capitalized, as they are essentially proper names. But in regular usage, of course, people will disregard that… think of Swiss cheese. People write it as ‘swiss cheese’ often enough, but ‘Swiss’ is an adjective for a country, and thus should always be capitalized. Likewise, a bunch of these are basically trademarked, again calling for capitalization. It’s not actually that big a deal, but I’m an editor and tend to err on the side of proper… and then adjust for consistency if I feel like it!

Chevre is a no-brainer for me–love Monterey Jack, but it’s boring!–but I still can’t decide between Mozzarella and Gruyere. Gruyere is so immensely wonderful, but real fresh good marvelous Mozzarella… ARGH. I don’t know what to do, and I’ve been pondering this match all week!

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