Persephone Bracket

The Big Cheese Bracket: The Championship!

Here it is, the culmination of our cheesy obsessions!

Day 15 Results:
Brie 48% v. Parmigiano 52%

It was tooth and nail, Persephoneers, an extremely close contest! Parmigiano eked out the win, and today it goes against the mighty Cheddar for the ultimate prize. Two cheeses on the sharp and firm ends of the spectrum; two delicious examples of what curdled milk can do for your health and happiness. Which has the tightest reins on your heart? Which holds the most space in your fridge? Which makes your tastebuds do their happiest dance?

My dear Persephoneers, it is time to choose. Pick one, and only one! Tell me why you’ve picked your cheese, attempt to sway your comrades, write odes to your favorite fromage, complain bitterly about those cheeses left behind… this is the final countdown! Voting is open until Tuesday 7:00 p.m. EST. Make your voice heard!

24 replies on “The Big Cheese Bracket: The Championship!”

After a day of pondering, I had to go with parmigiano. Do I like cheddar more? Probably. Can I live without it? If it really came to it, yes. Plenty of other cheeses are perfectly acceptable in sandwiches and mac and cheese, and I don’t eat nachos that often anyway. I cannot live without copious piles of parmesan on my pizza and pasta. I just can’t.

In your standard cheese course at a mid-range UK restaurant, you get 3 cheeses – some variation of cheddar, stilton and brie. Cheddar is ALWAYS the least interesting. As for parmigiano, you know, it’s useful – I love my risottos – but what’s the point of a cheese that needs to be on or in something else to work? To be the Big Cheese, surely it’s got to be a cheese that you can eat just by itself on a baguette, or even on its own with a knife (or spoon… I will avenge you, Epoisses!!!)?

I second (third?) the thought that you must be deprived of good cheddar. Cabot Clothbound hand-made cheddar changed my life. But any decent aged cheddar is just so good. It crumbles when you cut it, the sourness makes your tongue feel alive, and the really aged stuff has little pockets of salt that zing when you bite them. Good cheddar is a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

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