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The First Fun Time Open Thread of 2012!

Welcome back all! How was your weekend? Mine? It was pretty good. New Year’s eve was great, but one of my friends ended up in the hospital on Sunday. We are actually dog sitting for a few days to help out.

It is so strange having a new animal in the house. During the day it is fine, but Sam-I-Am apparently likes to sleep in a bed with people at night. We already have two dogs and a cat, and they have reached an understanding that the dogs can lay all over us during the daylight hours, but when I go to bed the cat sleeps on my feet and our room is a dog-free zone. Mr. Sam was not down with this. We eventually had to lock him out of the room, because he kept sneaking up onto the bed. (He is surprisingly sneaky for a 65 lb lab-mix.) About a half hour after he was banished to the hall, he started to cry. Then he started to howl. Then MiniB woke up scared of the strange noises, so she started to cry. She came into our room and climbed into bed for a hug, Sam took advantage of the open door to come in and jump on the bed, our little dog Molly realized that the dog-ban on the bed had been lifted and said “Hell yeah! I’m getting in on this!” and the cat assumed a sort of Gollum-like position over my feet and gave everyone a remarkably eloquent look that said “The first one to touch me gets shredded.”

I don’t know that my bed has ever had three people, two dogs and a cat on it all at the same time (that time was 3AM, by the way). I’m just grateful that our other big dog didn’t join in. I don’t think we could have taken it. As far as I can tell, he stayed in the living room saying “You all can do whatever you want, I have the whole couch to myself.”

In honor of our late night shenanigans, I want to hear your best funny pet story instead of trivia tonight. Please tell me I am not alone in this monkeyhouse.

This is pretty freakin' creepy two inches away from your face in the dark.

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My big white lab, Loki, loves bras because they’re so stretchy. Recently, we found one of my bras laying over the paws of my aunt’s chocolate lab, Jack. Both the shoulder straps had been snapped off. I told Jack he was a bad dog and went to throw my bra out. Before I threw it in the trash, I noticed it was covered in white fur. Loki had stolen my bra, torn it up, and then framed the other dog because he knew it was wrong to steal underwear.

His name was totally a self-fulfilling prophecy.

My late cat, Ms. Artemis, was with me from college until this past fall. Artemis always had a bit of a reputation as a badass.  In her wild youth, she was the official mascot of my first apartment, which she ruled with an iron claw. One night, one of my roommates was enjoying a bowl of cereal. She put the bowl on the floor to do something or other, and Artemis decided to help herself to a few laps of milk. Roommate was enraged, and began chasing Artemis around the apartment. Artemis ran up the stairs, followed closely by roommate. At the top of the stairs, Artemis turned on a dime and ran between roommate’s legs and back down the stairs. Roommate turned to follow. Artemis darted back through the living room, paused to look over her shoulder, then took several more giant laps of milk. She then sat on the couch where roommate had been sitting, licked her lips and shot the now furious roommate a look that clearly said “fuck you.”

One of my current kitties, Widget, the brighter of the two kittens I adopted from our local animal control in October, does a trick that’s cuter than it is funny, but I want to share anyway, because it makes me go “dawwwwwww!” every single time. She’s addicted to the poof balls that come in catnip, she’ll even play fetch with them. She and her less bright but more ornery sister, Rue,  stole my favorite scarf from me to use as a bed. Widget’s favorite thing in the whole world is to hold her poofy in her mouth while she kneads on the scarf. She gets so into it her head rolls back and forth and I can hear her purr from ten feet away, until she wears herself out and falls over asleep.


Thank you, she is a Chihuahua/German Shepherd mix with, I believe, a dash of fox and some super bouncy balls mixed in.

Your kittens sound freakin’ adorable. My cat is more the cranky badass variety, she rarely has Awwwww moments. Our big dog Murphy, however, will cuddle things, like shoes and dog toys, as if they are teddy bears. It’s pretty cute, and when you catch him, he always looks mildly defensive about it.

That’s where the bouncy balls come in. ;)

No, really, I’m pretty sure both her parents were mutts, so there’s a good chance the size difference wasn’t that great. The Shepherd and Chihuahua are just the most visible breeds in her overall appearance.

This isn’t funny– it’s kind of gross. But it’s also the reason why I don’t live with furries now. I once had a roommate who was vet who brought her work home with her. It started with three cats, a dog, and a fish, and by the time I moved out, she had multiple species from each of the five classes of vertebrates living in our townhouse (3 dogs, 14 cats, a hedgehog, iguana, fish, frogs, birds, turtles, etc).

One day, the cat with a liver disorder “got” one of the doves. My kitchen looked like a scene out of Criminal Minds.

The end.

A while ago, my dog had surgery and was on some pretty strong painkillers. At this point, I’d had her about two months, and she hadn’t been required to sleep in the crate since her second night. She looooved that she was allowed on the bed.

One night, while on the painkillers, she forgot how bedtime worked.

She usually loooooves bedtime, but this night, she was hesitant and sullen. Because she’d been sick, I wanted her to sleep in the bedroom. So I got a treat, walked her into the bedroom, and she plodded over into her crate and lay down with a look that said “I don’t understand why you put me in here, mommy. It makes me sooooooo saaaaaaaaaad.” I looked at her, and back at the open door of the crate, and wondered just what was going through her drugged-up little terrier brain.

She ended up sleeping in the crate the whole night, with the door open.

Fortunately, that’s all over with, and now she manages to take up 2/3 of the double bed. She is 12 pounds.

We have a queen bed. There are two adults of average size sleeping in it. And one (what we think is a) Greagle. She probably weighs like 25-30 pounds, max. Easily pick-up-able except for her gangly limbs.

Naturally, she takes up ALL OF THE SPACE IN THE BED. We each wake up throughout the night with our asses hanging off the mattress, barely clinging to the bed, with no covers in sight.

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