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The Weekend OT is Full of Instructions (And Points)

Happy Friday night, East Coast P’neers! Welcome to the Friday night OT, P’neers everywhere! Last night’s OT had me literally rolling on the floor, I don’t know why I didn’t think of points and ranks earlier, of course our delightful band of over-achievers love points. Tonight’s OT is still an opportunity to grub up points like Ms. PacMen, but after the cut I’m going to show you some of the other things you can do when you come directly to P-Mag, instead of reading us in your feeders or on the Facebooks. Would Google Sergei or The Zuck ever make you a Glittery Superstar?  

Points, Ranks & Badges

You earn points for the following activities, which are all explained in their own sections.

  • Joining
  • Logging in
  • Leaving a comment on the main blog posts
  • Leaving a status update
  • Commenting on someone else’s status update
  • Creating a group
  • Adding a group avatar
  • Joining a group
  • Creating a forum topic
  • Commenting in the forums
  • Completing a friend request
  • Sending a private message
  • Random acts of point kindness from the admins
  • Writing a blog post
  • Having someone comment on a post you’ve written

I have the magic power to create special point explosion times, where each activity is worth x(normal point value), such as last night’s 5x points party, which I’m continuing into the weekend, because I can’t let POM have all the fun. [You’re diabolical. -PoM]

You can also donate points to your fellow members! One important detail: During super point multiplier times, your donation will also be multiplied.  So if you donate 100♥ during a 5x points spree, it will deduct and give 500♥. Plan accordingly. To donate points you can go to the giftee’s profile page, or use the widget in the sidebar. You’ll need to know the username, see the section on public messages below to learn how to find it.

Points lead to our completely ridiculous ranks:

  • N00B1 (0)
  • Nugget (20)
  • Tribble (50)
  • Regular (100)
  • Pomegranate (200)
  • Cerberus (500)
  • Glittery Superstar (1000)
  • Unicorn (2500)
  • Persephoneer General (5000)
  • CJ Cregg (7500)
  • Queen of the Underworld (10,000)
  • River Song (15,000)
  • Donna Noble (22,500)
  • Idris (the TARDIS, not Elba) (30,000)
  • Zombie Vonnegut (50,000)
  • The Wrath of Julia Sugarbaker (75,000)
  • Cheesemonger (100,000)
  • Timelord (150,000)
  • Roller-skating, Rainbow-farting, High Holy Empress of Xanadu (250,000)

Additionally, you can unlock badges for doing most of the things you can earn points for. I’m in the process of making new badges that have some sort of consistency, but the awards categories will stay the same, at least until I figure out how to add more. (Which I will, b/c I love getting my fingers into other people’s code.) To check out what badges you can earn and what you’ve already unlocked, use your BuddyBar (it’s hovering at the top of the page) to go to My Account -> Points -> Awards.  I’m also trying to figure out how to get your badges on the front page of your profile, where everyone can see them for oooohing and ahhhhhing.  For now, they’re tucked deep in your profile.

The Activity Stream/Status Messages

The activity stream has its own tab on all the blog pages. The stream shows everything that’s happening everywhere, including new blog posts, new comments, new friendships and public group/forum activities. You can sort what it shows with a handy drop-down.

At the top of the activity stream, there’s a field where you can enter a status message.


Groups and forums are inextricably linked. You can’t participate in a forum topic unless you belong to the group that started the topic, and new topics must be affiliated with a particular group. Fortunately, joining a group is easy, and most of our groups are open to everyone. To join some groups, go to the groups tab and hit “join” on any of the groups that interest you. Group admins (the people who create the groups) can also invite people from their friends list to join.  Starting a new group is also pretty easy, but you do have to have a certain number of points to do so. (It’s not that many, but we were having a big spam problem when the threshold was lower.) Groups all have avatars, if you start or admin a group, you can upload a picture for the group. The avatar will show up next to the related forum topics, and in all the related bits in the activity stream.

Once you’ve joined a group, you can participate in all of its forum topics, and start new topics. From there, it works like any other web forum you’ve belonged to.


You can send a friendship request to any of your fellow members. If they accept, you get points. You can cancel a friendship after it’s been accepted, but you can’t cancel a request once you’ve sent it. You can invite people in your friends list to join your groups, and you can set up the activity stream to only follow your friends’ activities.

Public/Private Messages

To send someone a public message, use “@[username]” in a status message. The username is not always the same as the display name you see by your comments. On everyone’s profile page (click their name to see) it lists what their @mention name is. For example, my display name is “Selena MacIntosh” but my @mention is @Selena.

To send a private message, go to the user’s profile page, and click the “send private message” button. Clicking the “send public message” is a shortcut to the steps I mentioned above.

Have fun, play with all the features and reel in the points! We’ll be posting again on Monday, but a lot of the staff will be around this weekend in the OT.


By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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I don’t know if you go to the same one I do (Somerville?) or if that’s just a Market Basket thing, but there are always lines at mine. Always. Any time of day I’ve ever been, the parking lot is always crammed full, you can barely get through the dairy section, and the deli is always serving about 20 numbers ahead of me. But it is so goddamn cheap, and the produce is always fresh and delicious… Market Basket, why can’t I quit you?

lol yes, i go to the one in somerville!  place is a damn madhouse, but i go for the produce.  i would love to start going there more because it is so cheap, but it’s IMPOSSIBLE.  plus, i rely on public transportation and the only way to get to MB from where i live in somerville is by walking. meehhh.

Gorgeous sunny day, I’m off to the farmer’s market. My stock of dried meat is all gone, I’ll need to replace it! (I have a serious addiction to biltong, the South African dried sausage)

Any one else have any lovely plans for today? I unfucked my habitat yesterday, so I have little to do now, woot!

Such a good trip. My farmer’s market is beyond spectacular (I live in a real bread basket area) and I got to stock up on some of my favourite things such as these fantastic mushrooms, a gorgeous smoked paprika, a passionfruit and lime cordial, a lime, chilli and fish sauce concoction and a lime, garlic dressing (can you tell I like limes?), and dry woers (a South African dried sausage). Now home trying to stay cool, it’s so hot!

Best of luck unfucking your habitat! I had the motivation of having friends over yesterday, so my habitat is looking pretty good today, I just need to wash the 10 wine glasses from last night!

Is Penelopiad good? I haven’t read it because for the longest time I’ve wanted to write a novel from the perspective of Penelope so I’ve avoided reading it to avoid being all plagiarizy.

Also, I do live in Canada but nowhere that’s going to show that play.

Oh no, poach without shell. I meant to say when I cracked the raw egg into the water. It tasted/smelled fine, but by that point I had psyched myself out too much that I no longer found the egg appetizing. I’ve had too many food poisoning scares this week to chance a bad egg.

Holy crap. If I were anywhere near you, I’d be over post-haste to help you unfuck. I’d say fill the bathtub, toilet, and bathroom sink with bleachy water, let it sit while you eat/drink something, then drain it and take a nice hot shower. Worry about the next thing after that.

Um I’m sorry but I just have to take a minute to gloat here, because I PASSED MY PHD DISSERTATION DEFENCE YESTERDAY. With only a few substantive but not super difficult corrections. Yeah that’s right, that’s Dr Rah to you!!!

I have never been so tired/relieved in my life. And a little hungover now too…

I did something horrible to my back yesterday and I have no idea what. Now I am on my back on the floor and cannot move without extraordinary pain. My partner had to work today, but at least he left me with food (including chocolate cookies), tea, heavy pain-killers, a heating blanket, the phone, some books, and my laptop (obviously) all at arms reach.

But now I have to pee and the bathroom is like 25ft away! Has anyone else had serious back injuries? How do I make this work?

I’ve thrown out my back so many times. I wound up in physical therapy the last time I messed it up really badly; I was 4 months pregnant at the time and didn’t want it to get even worse. I could barely stand or walk without support. Trying to keep your back as straight as possible will help; lying on the floor is actually better than on a bed or couch because your spine is less likely to get misaligned. My problem was with my lower back/hips; I could temporarily make it feel a little better by standing on one foot (while holding on to something), drawing the other foot up against by thigh with my knee out to the side to make a 4 shape, and pushing my hip forward until it popped into place, and then switching sides. Also, go slowly when standing up; brace yourself on furniture or a doorway to get yourself fully upright. Good luck!

I was wondering why I had a few new friend requests out of the blue!

I’ve not been here in, ooh, three months or so, because I cleared my browser history and it removed the link for Persephone from my home page. That’s all it took for me to stop coming. Sometimes I’m just in awe of my own laziness.

But anyway, I’m back for sure now, knowing there’s a way to earn points and become a Cheesemonger! Have a great weekend, everyone!

Anyone that gets Nat Geo channel- they are showing a follow up to the Louis Theiroux doc on the Westboro Baptist Church. It’s done 4 years after the first one, so around 2010 I think.

Fascinating. So much hate, wrapped up in delusion and false justification.

I love Louis’ face throughout the series (both the then and now)

I worked over the summer at the site that had very little to do and we ended up (d)evolving into obssessive Louis Theroux fans who watched every single show possible that he’s done. Some of the girls also made friendship bracelets for him and made a really concerted effort to figure out how to send them to him. It was probably for the best when summertime was over and so was the job. Things were getting a tad creepuyy.

And to reply to your actual comment. Yes, it makes you wonder how someone can have so much hate and how it can infect so many other people. I then wonder if its something that every human being is capable of or whether it’s a genetic disposition or environmental. I was reading the National Geographic article on Twins the other day and they suggested that although an unpopoular theory, extreme religiousness is probably a genetic predisposition.

Very interesting!

I had watched the first Doc and knew a bit of history of the WBC from an awesome civics teacher- who helped us to learn the difference between “Free Speech” and “Hate Speech” and how the lawyer Phelps has taught his clan how to walk the legal line of baiting and taunting people without getting a Libel suit.

I was a bit shocked that they put Louis’ face on a poster for this one, but my though at the same time was “Hell, why not use a picture of him smiling at least? He doesn’t believe in hell!”

I love Louis Theiroux so much.  I couldn’t believe he had the patience to deal with the WBC for a second time.  The opening scene where he was shown a promotional video they made with singing Hasidic Jewish men dancing around swasticas and Obama’s face with the Joker makeup was too ridiculous for words.

Holy fuck! So I was downstairs heating the sopapillas and could hear my neighbours on the front (shared, but divided) porch. They have had large beer drinking gatherings out there before and damaged my front door. I went over to listen and could hear them shouting loudly and almost in a happy way “Oh my god, let’s gets wasted!” “Yeah! Let’s get some crack” (female voices) “Oh yeah, crack! And let’s get beer!” “Oh yeah, I was at this party one time and this guy got me real drunk and gave me crack, it was great, I don’t remember it!” “Sounds great, I want some” “Let’s get some!”
Then I turned on my porchlight like an Old and went to grab Wash- who heard them as well from our bedroom window (above the porch). They did go back inside, but… What the Hell? They all sounded like almost-drunk high schoolers. Like, the kind of bragging what you think is “cool/not allowed” to impress your friends kind? Is that a new energy drink or something? Ack. I hate these neighbours.

I read over a Jezebel too and I am getting more and more frustrated with their posts. Four years ago it was so solid. Now they seem to just harp on other women instead of focusing on feminist issues. That article about Miss America and the one(s) about the Kardashians immediately spring to mind. I’m just finding it so irritating. I’m not sure why I even go and read there anymore except that it is the only blog I follow that frequently updates all day and gives me something to read.

Had anyone made the break altogether from Jez or are thinking about it?

I’ve never been big on Jezebel – they’ve always been hit or miss for me, and generally I read things Latoya (Peterson) wrote, but not a lot else.  I usually only end up over there now if I follow a link from somewhere else.

I do like that they didn’t tend to get sucked into some of the same drama that some other feminist sites kept getting into several years ago.  (I don’t know if those places ever calmed down cuz I just quite going.)

Yeah some days they are on fire, other days gharg!!!!

I stopped going to other feminist sites a few years ago too. There is one thing to be a feminist, but when there is such discord even in the community and all the trolling and flame wars… just ugh. I stopped too, but I still kept on with Jez…

There are a couple ‘big name’ feminist blogs that I just can’t even read. Its not the articles, its the comments. So little room for discussion, so much kneejerking. My personal feeling is that a lot of the people who are drawn to feminist blogs tend to be younger and/or just getting into feminism, so there’s a lot of black and white and no nuance. And they get angry and militant* in much the same way I did when I was discovering feminism/feeling out my politics. There just weren’t online places for me to spout off in.

With Jez, it just is what it is. It makes me a lot less angry if I just accept its not a feminist blog.

*Which is funny, since I consider myself a rather militant feminist.

Ha! I wasn’t fishing, just being silly, but I feel ya. I read a lot of the ladyblogs, as I want to be as successful as the rest of them, and there’s good and bad about all of them.

I really like the Hairpin, and xojane has some great non-Jane writers. I think Jane has her head up her own ass a lot of the time, but she attracts great people. They both update frequently. Pajiba, our mentor site, is fantastic and mostly populated with women.  They do two spurts of posts a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, plus some strays here and there. The writing there is some of the best on the web, and the commenters are delightful.

I still read Jez, too, and I still love Dodai. If she ever wants to give up Gawker perks like prestige and a paycheck, there’s always a place for her here.  Margaret and Whitney both just left, and I liked them, too. They both got the shit assignments, and they didn’t have the huge Gawker personality, but they were solid, interesting writers. I also read the Banhammer on Gawker every Friday, b/c it makes me laugh. (I promise never to do that here, unless we get infested with idgits.)

I haven’t read xojane and Pajiba so maybe I’ll check those out. I love hairpin I comment under yet another name but which is the question? ;D

And as for idgits, I believe that there’s some people doing the codeyear thing here and I’m actually also trying to learn to code with my Digital History prof who’s very active in the coding and history community. There’s some very cool stuff you can do to work less.


I also broke up with them after the redesign.  I am grateful to the blog, as it challenged me to think about a lot of things that I had taken for granted, but it served its point and now I’m done with it.  I think I’ve clicked on a link that has taken me there…3 times? in the past year.  I used to go to it many, many times a day.

I only go to Jez when I’m really, really bored. Most of their articles are really infuriating. It’s like a hate-read for me now.

Also, on Tuesday one of my profs claimed that one of his favourite websites was Jez. He thinks it’s a feminist website that not “too feminist” for him so he can actually follow it. It was really hard not to laugh derisively at him. I’m thinking of slipping him the URL for Persephone if he keeps gushing over Jez in class.

I was part of the massive migration that happened when they made the format switch- that was really the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. Someone ( I think Slaybelle actually, she was always one of my fave commenters there) recommended Persephone Mag in Groupthink and bam. The only contact I really have any more is through F No Jezebel. The comments ( and increasingly the articles) were just deteriorating.

I feel your pain though! It is really hard to find feminist websites without a comments section that makes you want o pull your hair out.

Someone also recommended Persephone and hairpin and Jez and I read both religiously. (and now I’m trying to comment more too!). I actually broke up with Jez about two years ago and then came back just because there is new content so often, it gave me something to do in class (har har).

But the stuff is just so often shite now.. *Sigh* it’s too bad. Oh well I have all of YOU NOW!!!!

I’M SO BORED! I want to go out tonight but all my friends are boo-ed up (married or coupled). Why do women completely abandon their friends when they get a boyfriend?! I guess I could go to the lounge by myself, but am I just supposed to sit there? How do you chill I must know?

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