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This Open Thread is a Sleepyhead

Today’s Dance Party Open Thread song is in honor of me sleeping for a full two hours after I intended to wake up this morning. This is what happens when I have the option of sleeping in, I take full advantage of it!  Tell me about your day today in our OT!

I have no idea if this song is actually about being sleepy because the only lyric I understand is “sleepyhead,” it’s still a fun song to listen to though!

By Luci Furious

There are no bad times, only good stories.

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Last night I did two of the worst burpees ever seen. Thankfully, though, no one else actually saw them.

Tuesday was Day 1 for me since I’m way behind.

The arms are still sore and now my abs are too but! That means the muscles got used! So, progress. The stiffness will go away and I’ll be able to actually do a real, worthy burpee… Eventually.

I went to an incredible talk in Mr Brum’s English department yesterday – all about the character of the barmaid in late 19th/early 20th century fiction. The speaker was great, the talk was fascinating, and afterwards we all went out and drank in the pub for hours! I love that the dept just lets me crash their talks all the time, it was a good night.

Got home too late last night to OT, but went to Legends with a friend, and ended up sitting next to Buddy Guy himself for two hours.  It was a moment of “sitting next to one of the best blues guitarists of all time.  Holy cow.  Don’t look like an ass.”  For your edification:

I got up super early this morning so I could shadow a leading barrister at Court, it was quite an exciting day. No sleep-ins for me this weekend, have to take Mr Cesy to work then I have to take my parents to the airport on Sunday, most likely on a hangover after we see Hall and Oates play.

I got to have some snow-delayed chemo today! AND it was the half-way point in my treatment! I’ve had six of twelve treatments now which is heartening. Just being able to SAY that is amazing! On the other hand it’s hard to hit that ‘repeat’ button again when I felt perfectly normal yesterday and now I have to think three times before I say or type anything. It can be a bit frustrating to not be able to think clearly – and KNOW you are not thinking clearly! BUT- halfway! Yay? Yay!

For whatever insane reason, I had convinced myself that in order to have a productive day, I had to get up at 5am. I’m self-employed, single, and have no children. I typically see my first client at 11am.  That means I can make my own schedule, right? So why in the hell was I trying to get up at the crack of dawn?!!?

This morning I got up around 7:30, took a 4 mile run, did some yoga, and had a healthy breakfast. I packed my lunch and was out the door by 10:30.  I had the most productive day ever! Hopefully I can repeat the pattern tomorrow.  My morning is already UnFucked, so that’s good, right?


Actually related to sleep: got a new mattress today. I’ve been delaying it as I’m hoping to not have to be in my twin for much longer (as in, if I get rid of this bed it means it’s cause I get to move in with my partner and our king sized bed). Buuuuuuttttt… I just couldn’t handle 5 more months of it. Now that I feel the difference, I am so sad that being frugal is what delayed SO MANY good nights of sleep. I was going to stay up alte and do work, but I just keep looking at it longingly. It’s too tempting…

Night my dearies!

I got a job offer today! And got the job I interviewed for yesterday (and which I would rather have) to move up their decision process so I can make a smart decision.

If I take the job I got the offer for, I’ll be moving to NYC. If I get the other, moving to Connecticut. So I’m excited and scared, but mostly happy. (And thankful I have awesome friends who got me the interviews.)

I slept in two hours too! Except it was because I had bad cramps and couldn’t really move for about that long… oh well! It gave me much-needed rest and enabled me to function for the rest of the day. That and I’m not sure my supervisor noticed I wasn’t at work since he was attending a student’s MSc defence anyway…

I had no computer pretty much all day long.  When my network issues can stump even our crack IT department, I think I should get a free day off!  :-D

They ended up taking my CPU, and will wipe it clean and reinstall everything.  Should be a fun day tomorrow.  /sarcasm

I always like to tell people who get fish about Mr. Fish – the fish who would not die. My brother brought him home in high school and when he graduated he went into the Navy. Mom got to keep Mr. Fish. Who promptly proceed to live far past the expectations of everyone. He finally passed away at the age of around 15 or so. Good days for a goldfish. Pure annoyance for mom who hated cleaning his tank with a fiery passion. Mom never could talk my brother into taking him back after he completed his years in the Navy.

This is not to scare you, of course. No. Not at all. I would never.

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